6 Different Kinds of People You'll Meet at the Super Bowl Party This Weekend (PHOTOS)

april ludgateGot a Super Bowl party to go to this weekend? Cheering for the ra-ra home team, are ya? Chances are, whatever football get-together you'll attend on Sunday, you'll encounter those who are really into the game, those who are really into the food, those who are really into talking about the food, but not eating it, and three other types of individuals you can't help but mingle with come Super Bowl Sunday.

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Coles... Coles_mom

You forgot one. :) in my case, I'll be the mom-who-doesn't-want-to-be-there-but-will-go-to-the-in laws-so-I-can-drive-my-drunk-ass-husband-home-and-since-I'm-sober-I'll-also-end-up-babysitting-everyone-else's-kid. Happens every year and I hate it. I hate drunk people and the thousand snot-nosed kids that somehow or another get out in my care (usually its because they're playing with my kids and the mom or dad will run up real quick and say, "oh, can you keep an eye on them for a sec? I've got to run to the bathroom". And then they never come back. And next time I see them they're passed out on the couch. And I can't let their kid drown (the house is on the lake). Maybe I'll come down with the flu before Sunday.

nonmember avatar Zuri

You also forgot the "I-don't-really-care-superduper-much-but-I'm-here-because-my-father-loves-football-and-the-ads-are-sometimes-funny-and-it's-an-excuse-not-to-do-homework" guest (that's me.) ;)
And watch out when different family members are rooting for different teams. I'm the only Ravens supporter in my family (they're closer to home), and I have a feeling I'll never hear the end of it come Sunday.

Todd Vrancic

I'm never a guest at a Super Bowl party because it's usually the first Sunday in February and that's when my daughter's birthday party is.  Not that I'd add much to one, I don't drink, don't care about football, don't care much about the commercials and I don't gamble.  I'm also not dieting, nor am I a gourmet.  I guess I'm no fun at all, but my wife disagrees.

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