Family of 14 Decides to Live on the Road in RV 'Dream House'

The Kellogg family lives in their dream house ... but it isn’t what you’d expect a “typical” dream house to look like. There is no indoor swimming pool or theatre, no expansive dining room or impressive kitchen, and quarters are actually pretty tight. And there’s only one bathroom for the family of 14. Oh yeah, and it’s on wheels.

The Kellogg’s love adventure and the outdoors so much that they recently decided to sell their Colorado home and hit the road in a 36-foot RV. Mom Susie said, “We wanted to get rid of the mortgage … get rid of the car payments and breathe.”


She also says on her family’s blog:

I don’t wake up dreading Monday or Wednesday.   I never utter the words TGIF because every day is Friday.  I do not live for the weekends.  To be honest, this was my greatest fear, that we would become a family who only lived 2 days out of every week.  We live every day to it’s fullest.

How freaking cool is this family? I have so much respect and admiration for them living their dreams, and not allowing themselves to be confined by societal norms. 12 kids? Sure, why not? A life of adventure on the road? Bring it. Homeschooling? Well how else are you supposed to educate your kids if your family is too busy having fun to send them off to traditional schools?

So what if not everyone has their own bed? The family says that by the end the day, they’re usually too exhausted to do much other than fall down asleep. Besides, little kids can share, and the older ones camp when they can.

I think the biggest downside would be having one bathroom for 14 people -- but then again, when you’re busy having the greatest adventure of your life, you probably don’t need to preen too much.

Would you ever consider selling your house to hit the road in an RV?

Image via By _escalade328s_/Flickr

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