Woman Who Lived in 'America's Tiniest Apartment' Moves Out & Up (VIDEO)

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felice cohen in a bigger apartment tourRemember Felice Cohen who got Internet famous for giving the web a tour of her NYC Upper West Side 90-square-foot hole in the wall "microstudio" apartment? She paid $700 for her 12 feet long and 7 feet wide living space, but hey, she was steps from Lincoln Center and Central Park! And she seemed happy enough. After all, she's a professional organizer! So who better to sing the praises of a teeny weeny apartment than someone who knows exactly how to cram a whole bunch of stuff into the itty bitty living space (like a genie in a lamp!)?

But Felice isn't living in the lap of tiny living "luxury" anymore. When Felice's landlord saw the video and learned that she was illegally subletting, her rent was going to be doubled, so she ended up moving on ... And it sounds like it was totally for the best!

Now, because she saved so much money on rent by staying five years in the microstudio, she was able to move on to a HUMUNGOUS 500-square-foot apartment, still on the Upper West Side. And she can actually sit on the toilet without her knees brushing the side of the bathtub! She can stand with one leg up on a chair and spread out her arms without touching ANYTHING! She can put vases on her countertops! ZOMG.

And yet, how does she feel about the change? Kinda ... meh! She said she got rid of a ton of stuff in her move -- because she figures, who needs so much stinkin' stuff anyway?! -- and she actually thinks that she managed to fit more belongings into her tiny old place than she can at her new residence. Wow.

Gotta say I give the woman credit! And I admire her philosophy of trashing -- or never accumulating in the first place -- things she doesn't "love." But still. You'd think she'd be thrilled to finally have a bit more room to, I don't know, breathe! Pfft, you know what? No matter what she says -- she looks 1,000x happier. And with five times more the space, I'm sure that in many ways, she actually is.

Check out Felice's tour of her new home ...

Which would you prefer -- 90 square feet or 500? Does it matter?

Image via KirstenDirksen/YouTube

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tuffy... tuffymama

I've lived in big houses, and my first rental when I left my mother's house was a 400 sf house. Paradise! Lol. We deliberately downsized three years ago, to a 1100 sf townhouse. It is not the greatest for an avid antiques collector and art lover with two dogs, a young son and strapping husband, but we are saving so much money to GTFO of this town. I've learned a lot about organization and space consumption from living in different sizes and kinds of houses. I've really learned what I cannot live comfortably without, and that is quiet and sunlight.

Coles... Coles_mom

I can't even imagine living in 500 sq ft.

sunmo... sunmoonandstar

I'm fine with a small house or apartment, in fact I prefer it to be kinda small but I do need separate storage space. I can't stand clutter and crap all over but I have some things I just can't quite get rid of yet for no actual reason and things that mean a lot to me but I don't want to display.

the4m... the4mutts

For the amount she pays in rent,Iwe get a 1,400 sq-ft home, that we own, plus large front & back yards. So, yeah. Points in favor of living in Bakersfield.

work4... work4mickey

I'm confused, who was she subletting to?

'Tina Gavin

"She paid $700 for her 12 feet long and 7 feet wide living space, but hey, she was steps from Lincoln Center and Central Park!"

So now because she made the apartment famous - her slumlord thinks that space should be worth $1400 a month! Fork that bull-business! For $700 a month in Des Moines, Iowa you could get a decent size house with a yard.

nonmember avatar tulip

I could never do that. Paying $600/month for my mortgage on a 2300sq ft house with 1½ acres seems like a lot around here! And I thought this was tiny...

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