10 Ways to Cut Heating Costs & Still Stay Warm This Winter

thermostatThe winter months can be painful for many, many reasons, but one of the most enduring (and difficult) is also the heart of the season: the cold. We all hate it. We all turn up our heat to 75 and hope for the best, and then we are horrified by the bill.

I know this pain because last month, my first month as the owner of a single family home, my heating bill came to a whopping $500. Is that crazy or what?

This month my husband and I are bound and determined to get our heating costs down by a lot, which means (gasp! Shiver!) we have to turn down our heat. Now our heat is at 68 during the day and 65 at night, so I asked for as many ways to stay warm as I could from my smart friends, many of whom grew up in New England and other Northern climate regions. Here are 10 ways to stay warm and STILL save money:

  1. Socks: Invest in a few pairs of quality knee socks. One pair will do, but more is better. Trust me. This one will change your life. Try these Heat Holder socks and you will never be cold again.
  2. Electric mattress pad: I have not tried this one yet, but it sounds decadent and delicious, no?
  3. Get a pet: My dog heats up my throw quilt while I am away and I love him for it.
  4. Sweaters: We are NOT meant to be in a balmy 70-degree, tank top-worthy environment in our house in the middle of January. Suck it up and wear a sweater. It's January, not June!
  5. Hot water bottle: My roommate in college was from Vermont and she swore by them. Now she is in drafty London and she STILL uses them. I use a hot pack version for my sore leg and put it under the covers before bed. It's very, very nice and soothing.
  6. Down comforters: There is nothing warmer. Period. End of story.
  7. Nylons under jeans: It doesn't add much in the way of girth, but that extra layer DOES keep you warmer.
  8. Hot tea: Constantly having a mug of hot tea is probably the best way to stay consistently warm. Sip it. Hold it against your hands. It's a wonderful thing.
  9. Get a humidifier: Apparently it feels a lot colder when it's dry. Who knew?
  10. Energy consultation: It can't hurt to have an expert come in and show you some trouble spots where you might be losing heat. You could need more insulation or something else.

How do you save money on heat?


Image via butkaj.com/Flickr

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