2 Dogs Talking to Each Other on Skype Is the Cutest, Funniest Thing You'll See All Day (VIDEO)

2 dogs skyping

When you do video chats with family and friends, do your pets ever join in on the action? You know, do they ever sit there and stare and possibly even bark, growl, meow, etc., while you're chatting back and forth?

If not, then maybe you need to think about adding another animal into the mix to get the "conversation" started. If you haven't already seen this hilarious video on Facebook of two dogs Skyping each other, then get ready to laugh out loud. It's a good one, people.


Here's the clip -- you'll love it. I promise.

OMG. Is this hysterical or is this hysterical?!? Oh c'mon -- how can you watch that video and not crack up over the cuteness?

I wonder what those two adorable pooches were talking about? (Anyone speak dog who can help us out?)

This clip only proves that dogs are way more perceptive and social than we probably give them credit for sometimes, and they obviously enjoy technology just as much as we do.

I mean, I've heard of plenty of dogs who love to sit and watch TV, and who will bark at the screen whenever another fellow canine comes on. But these two dogs seemed to understand that they were seeing each other in real time -- and they definitely had something to say about it.

Have your pets ever Skyped with other animals?


Image via Facebook

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