Tom Brady & Gisele's $20 Million Mansion With a Moat Will Make You Feel Super Poor (VIDEO)

Tom Brady mansionWell here's a bit of news that's gonna make you feel a teensy bit inadequate today. Or it'll make you feel like people, particularly rich people, will stop at nothing to show off just exactly how very rich they are. Take, for example, New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady and supermodel wife Gisele Bundchen. Gisele's been busy popping out a few kids while Tom recently just lost the AFC Championship game, but that hasn't stopped them from completing a ridiculously humongous $20 million mansion.

Complete with a goddamn moat.

Clearly that $10,000 fine Tom got for "kicking" Baltimore Ravens player Ed Reed would be like 10 cents to the rest of us. And he won't have to worry about Reed seeking revenge by breaking into the Brady house with that moat, a literal moat, for protection. Seriously, are he and Gisele for real??


This 22,000-square-foot ... I can't even call it a "house," as that'd just be embarrassing to all other houses ... mansion took three years to build. It features a “resort-like pool” and a huge backyard for the kids to play in, as well as a custom-built playground.

And get this: It's just Tom & Gisele's SECOND home. Huge ass mansion? Eh, NBD for the Bradys. They actually live in Boston during football season. Even though they're the richest celebrity couple pretty much ever (and Gisele's actually making more money than Tom is), all of this just screams EXTRAVAGANCE, LOOK AT US WE HAVE A MOAT.

Hell, more power to 'em, I guess. Still, kind of can't help but think that those millions of dollars to build a freakin' moat around a freakin' mansion could have gone to some starving children or something like that.

Sorry, I may sound a bit bitter, but as a Pittsburgh Steelers fan, it's a given for us to hate the Patriots, especially pretty Brady. And Gisele's parenting comments come off as plain annoying most of the time. So anything these two do can induce some major eye-rolling. But then again, maybe it's my jealousy talking. I guess if someone offered to build me a moat, hell yeah, bring it on, moat me! Sigh, but that isn't happening any time soon, so as of now, I'll just sprinkle some water around my bed and pretend.

Here are more photos and some scintillating info about this monstrosity of a building:

Would you ever build a moat around your house if you could afford it?


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