Bethenny Frankel Lets Us Into Her Stunning New York Apartment -- No Wonder Jason Hoppy Won’t Leave


bethenny frankel apartment

In what has to be about the worst case of poor timing we've ever seen, details and photos about the renovation of Bethenny Frankel's stunning $5 million Tribeca loft have hit the pages of Traditional Home magazine.

Yes, it's the loft she shared with soon-to-be ex-husband Jason Hoppy, and while the pad is nothing short of amazing, the magazine feature has to be pretty bittersweet for her to look at right now.

Bethenny has reportedly moved out of the loft and into another apartment on the Upper East Side, and after seeing photos of the place, I can't even imagine how hard it must have been for her to pack her things and leave. (It's pretty damn swanky, you guys.)

The 3,400-square-foot residence reeks of luxury, and while all of the rooms look like something you'd expect to see in a celebrity home, Bethenny's stunning walk-in closet is every woman's fantasy come true. Actually, you can't even call it a closet, because it's larger than most people's master bedrooms. And considering Bethenny deemed it to be her favorite room in the house, I'm guessing parting with it was not something she ever planned on doing.

But as difficult as it had to be to move out of an apartment she loved, it's probably for the best -- because staying there would've served as a constant reminder of her life with Jason, which would make moving on next to impossible. It's pretty hard to get over a divorce when every single corner of your home holds a specific memory, whether it be a good or bad one.

Of course, Jason may not be as eager for a fresh start as Bethenny. Supposedly he's hoping to keep the Tribeca pad in the divorce settlement (even though it had previously been reported that he moved out), along with gaining primary custody of their daughter, Bryn, which means things could possibly get pretty nasty between them from here on out. (So sad.)

If you were Bethenny, would you have moved out of this place? And should she agree to let Jason stay there?


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nonmember avatar Lia

That apartment is all Bethenny, she bought it , she decorated it, she chose every and each piece for it and now Jason wants it? I don't think he has the money to afford it

Terrie Campbell

That is the whole was all Bethenny...she never considered Jason in the whole scheme of things...she is all about herself...Jason was there to help her with her business and was there when it made it big...he deserves a part of it and to say he can't afford it is absurd. 

Karen Dowling-Barth

She has never been happy!!!  Never tried to be happy IMHO!!!  She was given the world on a silver platter and still was not happy!!  Maybe she is just hungry!  Hungry people are always crabby!!!  Maybe she should call it hungry girl instead of skinny girl!  Sorry to be so hard but when I see so many struggling and she has every reason to be happy (I mean it seems, she got everything you could ever want or said she wanted on the shows).  Hard to feel sorry for her.  I mean Jason gave her a birth day party and she sit in the bathroom and cried the whole time....who does that?  I just don't get it.  SMH!!

Fran Colleton Gyomory

Hate to say it but money really ruined her. He never had any balls and she never tried to help him find them. I would like him to get custody due to her total not understanding how a family operates. Jason's parents adore Bryn and I know that she would never understand their desire for visitation. Hated to see Bethany go this way but as mixed up as her mind is, she really has no clue of reality or how to treat others. Jason should keep the apartment so Bryn can grow up there and there is plenty of room for his parents to visit. If Bethany loves Bryn, she would want her raised in a NORMAL family environment.

Carol Opie

Wow, everyone is really turning on B. Given the world on a silver platter, hardly, she earned it, every penny. None of us really know what really happened and we never will. Many men have difficulty with women as powerful as B. It can't be easy for sure. As for B not understanding how a family works, duh-you know her story right? But no one has to have the traditional family. Maybe Jason cheated? Maybe he refused to relocate in LA? Maybe B just doesn't want to slow down? Maybe they both just decided it was too much work. I doubt that we will ever hear.

Sorry but I still like them both, but the apartment is cold and uninviting IMHO. There isn't one cozy spot except for Bryn's bedroom. Sorry B, I hate it.

Keran... Kerannmer

The apartment is an accurate mirror of Bethenney's personality: cold, sterile, uninviting. I don't see Jason there at all. If he gets the apartment in the settlement, you can bet it will look completely different after some life has been injected into it.

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