Couple Glues 60,000 Pennies to Bedroom Floor & It Looks as Crazy as It Sounds

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Well, here are my two cents: this is the craziest decorating decision I have seen in awhile. A Chicago couple has glued 60,000 pennies to their bedroom floor.

Instead of forking over thousands on new flooring, they decided to make a change with ... well ... change. And yes, it looks as crazy as it sounds.

Ryan Lange and Emily Belden have paved their entire 234-square-foot bedroom with pennies, which amounted to about $600 worth. It's a much cheaper option than cherry wood floods, that's for sure. The project started when they wanted to renovate their bedroom and inspiration hit Ryan as he stared at a jar of pennies in their house.

"We'd been looking up options and were thinking about being green when I said we should just tile the floor in pennies,” he said in an interview. Well, I have to say, that is certainly recycling at its best. Friends even got in on the cause, bringing over the coins they had lying around their own homes. The couple even found a couple of rare ones to plaster to the floor (like an Indian head penny from 1873).

It looks cool, I will give them that. The variation of colors is mesmerizing, if not dizzying. But what will they do when the novelty wears off? I can't imagine looking at the metallic floor for 15 years. Check out the entire process of creating a penny floor:

Would you do this to your floor?

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the4m... the4mutts

I most certainly would! And I would never get tired of it either. I am strongly considering doing a bottlecap bathroom floor. I have plenty of friends/family that would be more than willing to save me their caps, so I might have it done rather quickly.

I think its quite the novel idea :)

handy... handy0318

That's pretty cool idea.  We desperately need new flooring and can't afford it, so here's something to consider.

dekumama dekumama

Pretty neat! Although I wonder if that's illegal. Destroying U.S. currency is, but I guess they didn't really destroy it, just repurposed it.

kelti... kelticmom

Ugh. I can't stand the way pennies (all change really) smells. I have to wash my hands right after handling it. I can't imagine walking on it and my feet smelling that way. Plus, copper turns green after a while, wouldn't the floor, especially after mopping so many times, turn green? Or tarnish? I give them props for creativity and resourcefulness though!

nonmember avatar FarmersWife

I think this is pretty cool and creative!! But at the same time a very sad mark of the current economy. Made me think of my parents always saying during the depression people used deeds as wallpaper because they were worthless. I honestly never really understood this until now. At the moment we see the pennies as cool, innovative and money saving. But maybe it's just a mark of the times. I do still like it though

the4m... the4mutts

Kelticmom- i agree with you, and personally, i would put a sealant on it so that it didnt turn colors, get caked with dirt, or start to smell.

Anyone else have any funky countertop/flooring ideas?

Woofi... WoofieMom

Here's an idea if you like glitter:

tuffy... tuffymama

It's an idea that has been circulating blogland for a few years. I think it would be great for a pub or a tattoo shop, but it would wear on the eyes in a home, I think.

Blues... Blueshark77

I think it looks gorgeous! They did put a sealant over it. If you check out their blog about how they did it you'll see that it is sealed with a gloss.

Anna Potts

its cheaper more economical and looks great.

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