Turn a Cheap Vase Into an Expensive Looking Home Accessory (VIDEO)

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I am not good at crafts. I think I am, but things never come out as well as I imagined when I started the project. Still, I love the idea of brightening my home and the homes of my friends with unique, handmade things.

But awesome craft projects don't have to cost a ton of money or require a lot of time or skill; it just requires ingenuity, patience, and the right materials.

Andee shows us how to make awesome, colorful vases and a super-cool lamp with just paint and some old glass items in the latest episode of Make It Fabulous.

All you need is craft paint, some old glass vases (like the boring ones you get with flowers) or jars, and for the lamp, you need LED lights and a special drill bit that cuts glass. The hardest part is drilling a hole to poke the LED lights through ... the rest is fast, easy, and looks great. For the vases, choose some colors of craft paint that you like and simply pour the paint in, swirl to coat the inside, and pour out the excess. 

Watch the video below to get inspired!

Are you a crafty person?

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Image via CafeMom Studios

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