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Winter Survival Guide


6 Inspiring Ideas for a Beautiful Winter Garden

by Adriana Velez on January 18, 2013 at 2:25 PM

shoyoen gardenWinter can be an ugly time for gardens. We all love the sight of a garden covered in a fresh blanket of snow. Dark bare branches, seed pods, and icicles can look hauntingly gorgeous. But when the snow melts away -- or if you never get that snow at all? Bleh. You're looking at a dreary deathscape of brown and gray.

So how do you beautify your garden in the winter? I refuse to believe that closing the drapes for three months is the only answer! Here are some ideas for helping your garden look its best even through the dark days of winter.

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Christmas Tree Mulch

Turn your Christmas tree into mulch! New York City collects trees and turns them all into mulch for the city parks. But you can collect your needles and small branches and spread them around the base of shrubs and trees.

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