Kate Middleton Is Moving Her Swimming Pool to Avoid Another Topless Photo Scandal

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Anmer Hall

Just because they're royalty doesn't make them exempt from everyday household problems, and now Prince William and Kate Middleton's swimming pool at their country home has supposedly become the source of a major renovation project.

(OMG. You guys are going to love this one.)

Apparently the pool's current location at their home in Norfolk, Anmer Hall, doesn't provide the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge with enough sunlight or enough privacy. My my, what are a prince and princess to do with such an unfortunate situation? Duh, move the pool, of course!

Yep. Kate and Wills are reportedly moving the pool to a spot that is "sunnier and more secluded," to ensure that their summer days can be enjoyed without worrying about any unwanted onlookers -- in particular, photographers. (Oh, come on -- you know sunbathing will never be the same for Kate after the topless photo scandal.)

It's understandable that the royal couple would want a bit more privacy, especially considering past events and having a little one on the way -- but is going so far as to move the pool really the best solution? And "moving the pool" is actually the wrong choice of terms, because you really can't move a pool. If they want it in a different spot, they'll have to dig a new one and fill in the old one, which will make for a pretty hideous backyard eyesore.

If extra privacy is really what they're after, why don't they just build a big fence around the current pool instead? That'll make for a lot less work, not to mention way less upheaval.

They have a baby on the way for crying out loud. Now is simply not the time to be tearing up their summer home.

Do you think moving the pool seems a bit extreme, even for the royals?


Image via Pacific Coast News

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Since sun or the lack there of also seems to be an issue building a fence isn't going to move the sun. Also news flash they won't be doing the work themselves. Ahh, rich people problems.

amber... amberdotsmom

Let's see - you publish a photo that pretty much shows the whole darn house and the grounds around it then you wonder why they'd want to move the pool location to some place more secluded?  I can't decide which is dumber; that logic or the idea that filling in an old pool automatically makes it a backyard eyesore (because landscaping or multi-use doesn't existing in England?)

Nelli... NellieAthome

Mary Fischer - are you really as unintelligent as this article makes you sound?  Surely you are not so..... OK, stupid is the only word I can think of, as to believe a filled in swimming pool, whether replaced or just retired, is automatically  permanent or a " pretty hideous backyard eyesore." ????

BTW, as someone with a backyard pool who has planted more trees because the idiot lady behind us keeps looking over the fence and calling the cops because we skinny dip I can tell you definitively that  "a big fence around the current pool"  in a setting like that would look pretty hideous... not to mention the 7ft block wall around our property  has yet to stop this idiot woman.... even when the police told her that if she did not want to see us naked to stop standing on a box so she could look over the fence she did not stop.....

Oh yeah, and when we upgrade our pool the filled in one will be incorporated into the landscape so it will be as if it never existed. I daresay if we can afford it then the royals can do even better.

I am not sure which is more disturbing - that you get paid to write this drivel or that insomniacs like me bother to read it......

Sarah Hale

Or they could just build indoor pool that lets in light but provides privacy. Buckingham Palace, St James Palace, and Clarence House Windsor Castle all have indoor pools. Why not this one? after all they are royalty Money is no object and indoor pools dont cost much.

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