'RHOBH' Star's Refrigerator Makes Me Ashamed of Mine

refrigeratorSo far on this season of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Yolanda Foster has been pretty much a non-player. She hasn't really done much but flaunt her fabulous figure, family, and lemons. Still, it was a scene in her house that has haunted me ever since it aired a few weeks back -- the one in which they showed her refrigerator.

Even if you couldn't care less about any housewives in any city, it truly is a thing of beauty that can be appreciated by all.

The front is glass, which gives you an uninterrupted view of everything inside. That might be a negative for some, but it would be a shame to hide the contents of hers, as everything is fresh, ripe, and color-coordinated. It makes you feel peaceful and healthy just looking at it, and it bests even the most beautiful grocery store display.

Ever since I saw it and its awesomeness, I've been left with a major case of refrigerator envy, and I've been feeling ashamed of mine ever since. 


Oh, mine is nice enough on the outside, if you ignore the fingerprint smudges on the stainless steel doors. And I love the freezer drawer on the bottom ... well, when I don't have to try to shut it three or four times because things are jammed in wrong and get in the way.  

There are plenty of shelves, but somehow, no matter how organized I intend it to be, I open that door, and ... well, let's just say it looks NOTHING like Yolanda's. In fact, here's what it looks like:


Yeah, not quite the same huh? Sigh. It's clean and all, but aesthetically pleasing ... not so much. I don't know where it is she keeps her kids' lunches, and leftovers from the night before, and all the rest of it, but mine must go in my refrigerator even if they clash with the produce.

I know there are more important issues than what the inside of my refrigerator looks like, and few people ever see it anyway. And I know that Yolanda likely has people to keep hers looking as it does when I just have people messing mine up every time they need a snack. Knowing all that, however, doesn't make me any less green at the thought of how lovely her greens look in their refrigerated glory.

What does the inside of your refrigerator look like?


Image via Bravo

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