Turn Your Old Headboard Into a Bench Instead of Throwing It Out -- It's Easy! (VIDEO)

Have you ever thought about what to do with your bed headboard? No? Well, why not? What's wrong with you? Dang. Anyway, if you get a new bedroom set and need to throw out that old one, it's kind of hard, isn't it? So many memories! Tee hee. But no worries. On this episode of Make It Fabulous, Andee Dodson is going to show us how to turn a headboard into a bench. Which you know you always wanted to know how to do. Don't lie. Let's get to it.


First, you need to saw the footboard right down the middle. I know. Andee with her saw again. That giiiiirrrrl. Don't get on her bad side! Once you split that in half, you've got your sides for the bench. Sounds simple enough, right? I think I'm actually following.

Then you measure to find out where to drill into the headboard. Make some drill holds and screw in some screws. Sounds so easy. Hmmm. I'm still following. Something wrong here.

Once you do that, screw the sides into the headboard. Then Andee gets a little MacGyver on me and measures and saws up some boards and sets them into the headboard. I'd have to watch this like 100 times before I could figure it out. (This is why I'm a writer, not a carpenter.)

Now Andee secures the boards with a nail gun. (Like I said, don't rile this woman up.) She thinks of everything. She puts in some dowels now to make sure that if it rains, the boards don't swell up like Gwyneth Paltrow on a non-cleanse month.

Now she nails in the boards, paints the entire thing, puts some cute little faucet knobs on for feet, and adds pillows. Voila! From bedboard to bench. I could totally do this. (Cough.)

Let Andee show you. It makes more sense when she does. Would you try to make this?


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