'Baby Lion' Sighting Triggers 911 Call but It's Just a Dog With a Crazy Haircut (VIDEO)


dog shaved to look like a lion911 operators must hear some crazy stories every day, and I'm sure most of the time, they're rolling their eyes or completely horrified. But here's one that probably had dispatchers in Norfolk, Virginia totally cracking up ... Apparently, a 911 caller told police that they spied baby lion walking down the street, "possibly looking for food." As a result, police actually called the Virginia Zoo early Tuesday to make sure all of their lions were accounted for, said zoo spokesman Winfield Danielson.

Whew! So, in other words, this wasn't like the case of the missing Bronx Zoo cobra ... But, then, what in the world did this 911 caller see?! Oh, a DOG! Yup, Charles, the Labradoodle shaved to look like a lion. HA!

Charles' owner, Chris Painter, groomed his pup to look like the mascot of Old Dominion University ... or, you know, a baby lion. Whatevs. He jokes:

I tell people he's a Lab-a-lion. And half the people believe that.

Silly people!

Even though he sounds kinda threatening from that 911 call ... and -- get this! -- Painter had to tell authorities that Charles has been mistaken for a lion "several times," it sounds like, for the most part, Charles' "lion-esque" look has earned him more friends than foes. He even has his own Facebook page and boasts 1,200 some friends, according to Painter. He also "loves children and tailgating at ODU football games, as well as the occasional slice at University Pizza." ZOMG. Too. Cute.

Check out the adorable dog in this clip ...


How cute is Charles? Would you ever shave your dog to look more like a lion?


Image via VirginianPilot/YouTube



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miche... micheledo

He's adorable.


Though I really have to wonder that so many people are calling 911 on a baby lion!!!!  Baby lions do NOT look like adult male lions.  Ha ha.

tuffy... tuffymama

I would do that. Labradoodles are adorable, if they haven't been overbred yet, and I bet this dog feels pretty cool being the center of attention.

jessi... jessicasmom1

LOL he is cute but no I would not cut my dog like that

RobynS RobynS

Cute. And baby lions don't have manes, duh! People just don't think sometimes.

RobynS RobynS

Oh, I see I wasn't the first to point that out...

Hi micheledo!

Momto... MomtoDavid

lmao my husband seen the photo and was like, is that a lion? I'm like baby lions don't have manes!

Helena A. Woolley-Killins

Funny, and BABY? LION? HA w/ a Main? LOL Folks, BABY LIONS do not have a MAIN. But this dog is way cute, and I would shave a dog to look like a lion, if I had one w/ enough hair..:P 


Black... BlackRose4970

My dad works at Old Dominion University and after this incident, they invited Charles to be the mascot at one of the basketball games. I still can't believe that people were calling the cops!

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