Robert Pattinson & Kristen Stewart Are Buying a Home in London & Here’s the 411

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Robert Pattinson and Kristen StewartLooks like Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson are kicking off 2013 with a bang. After the horror that was Kristen moving out after the whole Rupert Sanders cheating scandal, the lovebirds are looking into buying property together once again. Back in September they moved back in together, and now, the duo has their eyes set on a place in London so they can spend more time with Rob's friends and family. After recent reports that they're still not too keen with him taking Kristen back, this may not be such a bad thing. Besides, Rob's been wanting to head back to London for a while now.

Oh the joy of being young, in love, and owning a home together. I can just envision their perfect pad now. In southwest London, not too far from his parents' home. And oh, the treasures we'll find inside ...

1. A really really big mirror in all rooms: Aside from the fact that big mirrors with cool borders are so totally chic, we know that the couple will put them to good use. First, Rob does have that addiction to Armani suits, so he can check himself out from all angles ALL over his house, and two, Kristen can use 'em to perfect her awkward lip biting face.

2. A room dedicated to Twilight fan mail: What I do love about Rob and Kristen is that they are really, really thankful for their awesome fans. So, it wouldn't surprise me if they have a room specifically FOR their fans. Hey, if Kristen ever cheats again, Rob can lock himself in there for a quick pick-me-up.

3. His and hers walk-in closets: Rob and Kristen are no strangers to good fashion. My guess is that walk-in closets are a must-have for this power couple.

4. Lots of photos ... of the two of them: Wouldn't want to stir up any jealousy inside the home. All photos of any other friends, male or female, aren't going up on the walls. This is going to be the ultimate love pad.

5. A huge fridge to store their favorite beers: We watched Kristen sip brews alongside Jimmy Fallon, and Rob has said that he'd rather have beer than wine any day. Why not have a separate fridge to collect their faves?

What do you think Rob and Kristen will have inside their London house? Are you happy to see these two getting a place in the UK?


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nonmember avatar guest

Kristen needs serious help before she can commit to a meaningful relationship.

nonmember avatar kk

stop mentioning the damn cheating scandal already. every freaking article I read about Kristen and Robert always has something about it. o sick of it. its a new year he took her back she apologized. get over it. this is for all the authors of articles that mention the damn cheating. its annoying

nonmember avatar stokes

First off a source said they were buying in New York and now a source says London. Make up your minds! And the cheating scandal was all for a stunt to get people talking about them and twilight. Sorry it is true. Look at the facts. She also publically said she was sorry and came out with their relationship. Also why would his parents help them find a place if they are reportedly not happy with Kristin being with Robert.

rccol... rccola1945

  Ok, guys; it is time to let go of the,so called, cheating thing. Just get over it already. Enough is enough, & we all have had enough, so stop & think about it real hard, before you wright another word, about that thing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!devil mini

nonmember avatar karen

well my opinion is that if she apologized then he took her back they are happy then thats what matters who cares where they live they will find happiness whetever they live as long as they are happily in love then let them be to be happy i love them both , AM GLAD THEY ARE BACK TOGETHER !!!!!<3<3<3<3<3 and i think they will have it a romantic love house with lots of sensual things to make it a romantic place =]

nonmember avatar chiqita

Rob may WANT to forgive her but in the end he won't be able to. The damage she did cannot be taken back and it was just too hurtful!

nonmember avatar sindi

Really??? I don't believe a word of this nasty toned article. Get a freakin' life Ms. Abbate!

nonmember avatar Ann

Author sounds like an envious hater. That's so sad.

nonmember avatar twilighter

Maybe they need to add a large vault to lock up all the nutcase gossip "reporters" like you. And the "cheating scandal was staged. Read The Grand Punk series at justiceforkristen.wordpress .com

nonmember avatar margie dezarn

if they r happy let them b an live there life has a happy couple just b happy that they r still together

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