Snooki's Secret to Making Housework Hot Worked for Me! (Sorta)

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snookiBig news in my life: Snooki might just be my own personal Martha Stewart. Seriously. See, I love having a clean house, but I have a really tough time motivating myself to actually do the mopping and organzing and folding and ... yawn. Like, why can't Mary Poppins just show up and do that snappy finger thing and make everything put itself away?! Cleaning is sooooooo boring. Or it was. Because thanks to Snooki, I think I finally figured out a way to making tidying up tolerable! The other day, Snooki made the following announcement on Twitter:

"Today was cleaning day. It's only appropriate to rock red lipstick in lounge clothes."

And then she linked to these super-cute pics on Instagram. Aww, she looks so happy, I thought. To be cleaning the house! Hey ... can we say lightbulb moment?!

That's right: I rooted around in my makeup drawer until I found the reddest red lipstick I owned, puckered up, pushed up my sleeves and got to work -- housework, that is. Hey, why not? June Cleaver always wore pearls to vacuum, right?

Like good old June, I started with the floors. Because, between you and me, I kind of like the whole Swiffer thing. It's sort of like a toy! So I did all my floors with a dry swiffer and then a wet swiffer and then I was like, Damn, lookit my sparkly floors!

Then I went to check out my red lips in the bathroom mirror and yikes, toothpaste splatter spots everyplace! So I cleaned the bathroom mirror, and then the rest of the bathroom looked dingy by comparison so I cleaned the tub and the toilet and the sink.

At which point I began to feel my enthusiasm fading. Maybe I needed another coat of lipstick, I thought, and went back to my bedroom, figuring I'd freshen up my pout and then maybe change the bedsheets.

But ... I walked in there and started looking around at the piles of unopened mail on the desk and the odd assortment of crap on top of the dresser (lint roller, vitamin bottles, broken sunglasses, roll of scotch tape, empty bag of dog treats, etc.) and, well, it was all just so overwhelming and the bedsheets probably weren't too dirty for me to take a quick nap in them, right? 

Tomorrow is another fricken day, after all.

What gets you motivated to clean your house?

Image via snookinic/Instagram

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witch... witchfantasy

For me, it's seeing all the messes from my kids and husband that I just snap one day and clean the entire house, I'll be breaking a sweat and breathing hard before I'm done, but I'm thorough and knock it out, just to turn around and 10 minutes later find it a mess again.

cew816 cew816

I like to do that myself. Not really with lipstick, but I put my hair up in a super cute vintage ponytail and some short cut-offs and a cute little shirt. I always feel super cute when I'm cleaning, and it almost distracts from what I'm doing. Then when I'm done, my house is clean and I still feel good about myself so it puts me in a really good mood for when the hubs gets home.

Anglw... Anglwatchinme

Watching youtube hoarders and how clean is your house.. That gets me going all the time. But for a short time frame so I have to break up sections for 15 mins here and there .. very time consuming but it works. I listen to the radio and open the windows to let sun come in and open the front door if the weather is warm enough. 

heydo... heydooney

I put on Pandora and then I clean one of my Easy Spots like the kids' room (super organized and easy to put everything in its place) or the laundry room (really tiny and the washer & dryer look brand new when you wipe the lint dust and spilled soap up) and the quick success paired with bouncy music makes me want to do more.

I also like to make a list, and the first thing I put on it is "make to-do list." That way as soon as I'm done with the list I get to cross something off, and it's not just a huge undone list staring at me.

tmmom2 tmmom2

 Watching Hoarders gets me motivated and then there was another show called Neat Freaks that came on TLC and that one got me REALLY motivated, wish it were a weekely show instead of a special!

mamas... mamaslove11

My hubby work out of town for sven days and home for seven days. He is my motivation. When he is gone I get a little lazy but halfway through the week I start to clean and do the deep cleaning. Not just wiping everything down but taking everything off countertops ect. I love for him to come home to a spotless house and he deserves to come home to a spotless house. He works hard for love

tuffy... tuffymama

I don't like tripping over stuff. I have enough trouble navigating a house built for giants when I'm only 5'2" LOL. Besides, doing laundry is therapeutic for me, plus I'm a bit of a germaphobe. Then there's the dog issue. If I don't CLEAN the house, it smells like the two senile beagles that funk it up. Yuck! (When these two "go to college," there will never be another.)

Madel... Madelaine

Kind of funny.  Good tips though!

nates... natesmom1228

The fact that I like my house clean is enough motivation.

lalas... lalasmama2007

Listening to music gets me motivated to clean.

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