Teeny Tiny Beach House for Sale for $2.5 Million & It's a Bargain

beach hutWhen they say good things come in small packages, I'd have to say that this little beach house/hut is one of them. It's tiny, REALLY tiny -- just 484 square feet in all, which is probably less than the size of my current kitchen. But oh what a dream it is.

Of course, the dream comes with a huge price tag -- $2.5 million, which is crazy for such a small home. That's $5,165 per square foot, yikes! But it's worth it.  


Because beyond those red walls is one of the most beautiful scenes you've ever seen. Sothesby's calls it "a slice of paradise," and that's just what it appears to be. There are 20 acres overlooking the ocean, and it's in Hawaii. Plus the listing states, "Whales, dolphins, and turtles play just off shore providing occupants with endless entertainment." Squee!

beach house

Seriously, $2.5 million sounds like a bargain for that kind of view, no?

I'm sure most people would buy it with the intention of knocking it down and building a big old mansion in its place. But even if you had the money to do so, I think there would something pretty cool about just leaving it as is. As long as you had a bed and somewhere to cook up some meals, what more do you need than all of that amazing natural beauty, really?

We've moved quite a few times over the years, and my housing philosophies have changed with each move. At first I was all about the house and put location second. But I've come to realize how much more I value the community and surroundings, which sometimes means a smaller home or one without the amenities of another in favor of location.

So if I could surround myself with natural beauty like this, I'd do it in a heartbeat, no matter what the house itself was like. A family of four in less than 500 square feet would definitely be cozy, but with views like that, we'd figure it out.

What's more important to you -- the home you live in or the location and surroundings?


Images via Sotheby's

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