8 Crazy Cool Front Doors for a Quick, Dramatic Home Makeover (PHOTOS)

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  • Ivy Covered Door


    Image via NatalieMaynor/Flickr

    I absolutely love this house. Everything about it. If your front door is right off the street like this, it's an excellent way to differentiate your home from the other ones attached to it.

  • Archway


    Image via IngaMun/Flickr

    I love this door. It's like a tunnel you have to go through to get into the house. It almost has a Star Wars vibe, no? Love the archways. Love everything about it.

  • Amazing Plant Life


    Image via Abi Skipp/Flickr

    I adore all the ivy growing around this door. What a beautiful, lively way to say "You are home!" This is my dream door.

  • Dream Doorway


    Image via Muffet/Flickr

    This is just so stately. And grand. And inviting. Sigh. Can I go there right now?

  • Crazy Front Door


    Image via Wonderlane/Flickr

    Wanna feel like Alice in Wonderland every day? Get this door!

  • Cottage Front Door


    Image via IrishFireside/Flickr

    Isn't this like something from a fairy tale?? I want to go out immediately and get a little red gate instead of a screen door so I can pass out fresh pies from the front door. OK, who am I kidding? Just the door, please!

  • Dog Door


    Image via zolakoma/Flickr

    Everything about this front door is inviting. There are no fancy chairs or perfect paint jobs, but it looks like the kind of place where generations of people have sat for a smoke and watched the world go by. Plus a dog. Every front door needs a puppy dog.

  • Colorful Home


    Image via colleen_taugher/Flickr

    Tricked out front door colors may be the norm, but what I love about this is that the door is a normal wood. It's the HOUSE that has a lot to say here. To me, this is incredibly inviting.

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