Airline Refuses to Let Military Family Dog Fly With Them to New Home Overseas (VIDEO)

military family dogIn late November, a Navy family ran into a SNAFU when they showed up at the airport to board their flight to Japan. Hospital Corpsman First Class John Gromer, his children, his wife, and his two dogs were leaving San Diego for their new station in Okinawa when one family member was told to stay behind. Apparently, American Airlines wouldn't let their dog Gunner board the flight because his cargo container was two inches too big.

Gromer says the attendant was rude and even yelled at him, as his children were crying, to get the dog off the scale. Now Gromer's pissed, really pissed.


What started out as a $175 service fee to fly their dog to Japan has turned into a month-long headache with the only resolution, as of now, being a $4,000 one-way ticket on a cargo jet for Gunner.

American Airlines has yet to comment on the situation, and while I feel like rules are rules, if the dog crate's too big, it's too big, I can't help but think there's an exemption needed here.

This guy's served in Iraq and Afghanistan and his family's being shipped to Japan. Is there not two inches to spare in the plane's luggage section? A dog, as most people know, is part of the family, and I bet moving your kids a billion miles from home without their beloved and trusted source of furry comfort and happiness is really stressful. And the dog's no better off, either -- Gromer says he left Gunner stranded at the airport before a neighbor was able to retrieve him.

As of now, the situation's unresolved. Here's hoping Gunner gets to join his family in Okinawa soon, and at no extra charge.

Have you ever had a hard time flying with a pet?


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