5 Tools for a Total Home Makeover That Work Like Magic

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book storage binChoosing the right New Year's resolution is never easy. Should you try and get fit? Pick up a new hobby? How about visiting a foreign country? Yeah, some of them sound more jazzy than others, but man do I have an easy one for you: Getting organized. Yeah, cleaning out your email inbox may be a hassle and so is organizing that junk drawer -- but what if I told you there are a whole slew of storage solutions for different rooms in your home that could make organizing that clutter a WHOLE lot easier? Yup, I know, jackpot.

Check out these 5 must-have organization helpers worth splurging on for 2013:

1. Square storage ottoman:

storage ottoman$139.99, Sears

This ottoman is great for loads of reasons. Aside from the fact that it's made with comfy faux leather, the lift-up cushion is the perfect place to store extra throw blankets, books, or whatever your heart desires.

2. Shoe cabinet

shoe cabinet
$133.99, overstock.com

Regular old shoe racks expose your pairs to the world. This trendy looking cabinet would look great in any entryway, and its additional two top drawers are the perfect place to toss extra house keys or garage door openers.

3. Earring organizer

earring organizer

This is by far my favorite bedroom addition. By simply backing a picture frame with lace, you have an easy way to organize earrings and jewelry that not only clears them off of the top of your dresser, but is also decorative too. Plus, it makes picking out your favorite pair a breeze.

4. Re-purpose your shoe organizer
shoe organizer
$14.99, Staples

Have a bathroom without enough storage? Get yourself a simple shoe organizer like this one from Staples, and use it to store face washes, shampoos, razors, and other critical items hanging behind your door.

5. Modern library storage bins:

book storage bin$58, Able + Baker

These. Are. Adorable! Have a bookshelf you want to keep looking like a bookshelf, but need the space to stack some necessities? Hello, magic solution.

Do you have some organization tips of your own? Will you be trying to clean up your act in 2013?


Image via Able + Baker

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the4m... the4mutts

While we already do most of these, thank you SOOOO much for not using one of those damned slide shows!

Oh, and the earring organizer? I've never seen one like that. Totaly going to try it :)

nates... natesmom1228

Nice tips. I have the shoe organizer.

godde... goddess99

I love the book basket, too cute! I have pretty, matching wicker baskets around my home to hide various things. Also have a huge ottoman that opens up for alot of storage.

sukainah sukainah

Good ideas!

elasmimi elasmimi

I have a shoe organizer on every bedroom and bathroom and closet door in the house. It's amazing how many things you can use them for.

elasmimi elasmimi

I love the shoe cabinet, but I'd want to keep it in my bedroom.

ceciliam ceciliam

The baskets are so cute!

My tip would be to just stay organized through-out the year. Don't let clutter build up!

Kmakk... Kmakksmom

Cool ideas!  I'm just trying to not bring too much junk or papers that we don't need in the house anymore.

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