Heroic Pet Chicken Saves Family From Fire (Yes, Chicken!)

chickenDogs hold the title of man's best friend, and are constantly making headlines for doing all sorts of amazing things like rescuing their owners and keeping toddlers safe through freezing nights. Good for them; but there are other remarkable pets out there too you know -- like chickens, for example.

Yes, I said chickens, and one amazing one helped save her owners from what could have been a deadly fire recently. Her name is Cluck Cluck, and she's one cluckin' smart bird.


According to Fox News, Dennis Murawska, 59, and his wife Susan Cotey, 52, were sleeping in their Wisconsin home early last Thursday morning when a fire broke out downstairs. For some reason their smoke detectors didn't go off, but Cluck Cluck started squawking loudly enough to wake the couple, and they knew something was wrong.

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"The chicken gets quite vocal when she gets excited," Murawska said. So they got up, saw the fire, and escaped, all thanks to Cluck Cluck (who firefighters later rescued from the basement). It's horrible to think about what could have happened if not for this clever chicken.

Even more remarkable is the fact that Cluck Cluck almost wasn't around to be the hero she is. She actually belonged to a neighbor, and repeatedly wandered over to the couple's house. The neighbors said she wasn't producing any eggs so they could kill her if they wanted. Instead of frying her up, however, Murawska felt sorry for her and made her into their pet, built her a coop, and put her in the basement on cold nights.

He told the station, "I spent way more money than I ever should've. I guess it paid off." Indeed!

Chickens have been gaining popularity as pets in recent time. Tori Spelling has one (Coco, who she dresses in vintage outfits), and a large number of people, even in cities, are getting permits so they can keep them and get farm fresh eggs. This certainly ups their cred a bit, and may make you want to rethink calling someone a bird brain the next time ... you know, if there ever was a first time for you. Go chickens!

Would you ever have a pet chicken? What's the most heroic thing your pet has done?

Image via SMcGarnigle/Flickr

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