Lindsay Lohan Spends $250,000 to Redecorate Her Rented Home

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Let's just say you're Lindsay Lohan. Okay, let's not say that. But let's say you're a friend of Lindsay's -- or at least read about her travails from time to time. What would you be most concerned about right now? a) Her money troubles. b ) Her legal troubles. c) Her family troubles. d) Her career troubles.

Well, if you're Lindsay (which you're not, don't worry), apparently what is foremost on your mind right now is none of the above. It's decorating her new Hollywood home! Yep, that's right, folks. Apparently out of everything Lindsay should have on her plate right now, making her bedroom look like a five-star hotel is an uppermost priority. Are we surprised?

In an episode of Bravo's Million Dollar Decorators, Lindsay brought in a decorator to make her new Hollywood home look more like something Elizabeth Taylor would have lived in.

On the episode, which will air January 1, the decorator, Kathryn Ireland, tells LiLo that she envisions her bedroom as a "very pretty, very feminine room," to which Linds replies, "Very princess-y, like Plaza Athenee," a reference to a luxury hotel in New York City. I'm just shocked she didn't say "like Dream Hotel" where LiLo loves to party. But maybe her recent arrest there turned her off that venue's decor.

Linds also motions to a bunch of designer handbags lining the wall and says, "Clearly I need more space." Uhh, clearly. I guess those bags didn't make it to the thrift store, like some of the others reportedly did.

One of the first things the decorator decides to do is get rid of Lindsay's bed. Bed bugs, perhaps? Nope, mirrors. "This mirrored bed is so wrong for Lindsay's house," she says. Really? I think a mirrored bed sounds totally Lindsay.

Apparently the budget is $250,000, which is pretty crazy. Doesn't LiLo owe the IRS at least that amount? No word on whether the guy who chipped in on her IRS bill, Charlie Sheen, will be invited over for an apéritif.

Do you think Lindsay has other things she should be doing?

Image via Avirillllla/Flickr; video via Bravo

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NatAndCo NatAndCo

From other articles i read, technically Bravo footed the bill for it.

caral... caralicious

oh my god! who the hell cares?!

pupuk... pupukeawahine

Most celebrities buy huge mansions for the tax shelter benefits.  What an idiot.  No wonder she's under water--just spend money recklessly.  She should have bought her own place years ago for stability and investment purposes--instead just throws around cash on a whim and ends up broke.

BrookieG BrookieG

This article is not researched. She did not pay, in fact she broke Bravo's contract and wouldn't let them in to film the "reveal," after they footed the bill. She also has addiction troubles, which is sad...anyway this story isn't correct...

Karma... KarmaGrant

I agree with Brookie. Please, if you're going to essentially just repost what other sites have already posted at least make sure you post all the info. Oh right, you just want to stir the drama pot as though there isn't enough real drama where Lindsay is involved.

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