5 Hilarious Ways to Get Rid of Holiday Houseguests Who Just Won't Leave

christmas stockingsWelp, that's all there is. Christmas is officially over, and with it goes the season for its joyous music, abundant cookies, and present buying with money none of us really have. As wonderful as it is for your loud sister, sports-obsessed husband, and three rambunctious little ones to come visit from three hours away -- you're thankful that the gift exchanging is over, and well, it's time to go home.

Or is it? See, here's the thing. We've all been there. You have family in town to visit, and since it doesn't happen all that often, sometimes they just don't want to leave. Don't get me wrong, I'm all for family, but the holidays can certainly become exhausting after the 18th round of Wii Grand Slam Tennis with your brother's girlfriend's little sister.

So what's a holiday entertaining pro like yourself to do? Trick them to get out. In the nicest least harmful way possible, of course. Check out our list of 5 simple things to do to get rid of holiday visitors:


1. Instead of cinnamon, boil eggs ... lots of them: Smell 'em out. After a while, the smell of eggs on the stove becomes slightly unpleasant. Forget that pleasant seasonal scent of cinnamon and oranges on the stove, this is so much more ... uninviting.

2. Offer to dogsit for the neighborhood: Know that your neighbors are gone straight through the new year? Call 'em up and offer to take in their pooches for the rest of the week. It especially helps if your visiting family has a pet allergy that you "didn't" know about.

3. Keep the wrapping paper: Forget all the hassle of holiday cleanup. Leave the remnants of dozens of presents unwrapped all over the house. After a while, maybe they'll get so sick of stepping on the pieces and the crinkling noise that they'll skedaddle. Or possibly even better, they'll clean it up.

4. A spritz can't hurt: Now would be the perfect time to throw on Grandma's old perfume you all used to joke about not being able to stand.

5. Break out the tissues: There's nothing worse than looming sickness in the air. Personally, I'd be surprised if you don't all have the sniffles by now anyway. Regardless, break out the cough medicines and display them on the bathroom counter for all to see. Before you know it, they'll be running in the other direction.

Have you ever had to drop hints for your unwanted houseguests?


Image via Emily Abbate

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