Bed Bug Infested Libraries Are Best Reason Yet to Get an E-Reader


Bed bugs in libraries, ew! Considering I'm already a bit of a neat freak, I do my best to avoid all the news reports and articles about bed bugs because I'm pretty sure I might not be able to sleep again. The thought of bugs crawling on me while I'm sleeping gives me the shivers.

Well, I mistakenly read this new report about how bed bugs are showing up in one of my kids' favorite places --the library! One word: GROSS.

So, if you're not familiar with bed bugs, they're wingless, which means they can't really travel on their own. Instead, they cling to items, like luggage, for example, and then find their way to a new location. And according to the Star Tribune, bed bugs have been latching onto hardcover library books for awhile now and infesting libraries.

Yes, the lovely library where you go to read your favorite tabloid while your kids play with the puzzles and games! While many libraries are taking extra precautions -- the University of Washington Library in Seattle froze their books for a week -- others are using bags, pesticides, and other measures to stomp them out before they spread.

And apparently, librarians are getting training on how to identify bed bug carcasses. What a fun side bonus of their job! Now before you completely freak out, keep in mind that not all libraries have been infected. Plus, it's usually bestsellers that have the most bed bugs. Ew.

So if you're insistent on reading a real, paper book and want to steer clear of possible bed bugs, borrow the indie titles and then use the electronic library lending program available for both Kindle or NOOK e-readers for your bestsellers. No one wants the bring this univited guest home. Better safe than itchy.

Have you ever had bed bugs? How did you get rid of them?


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nonmember avatar Rachel

Yes we got them from a visiting neighbour. Luckily it seemed to be only in our living room where he had sat. We paid over $2000 for heat treatment which was 100% effective, snd then purchased sealed mattress covers just in case!!

Miche... MichelleNYC

as my name indicates, I live in NYC, so yes I had them. Came from our building. Got rid of them and have an exterminator come to inspect every month. I am constantly living in fear!!

nonmember avatar Laura

We had them, apparently for a while and didn't know it. Not sure where they came from, Thinking my brother from NY when he came for a visit. They were so hard to get rid of... we tossed out our old living room furniture, got mattress encasements for our bed and the kids. steamed everything in the house... got spray from and sprayed and sprayed and sprayed... STILL had them... FINALLY we had an exterminator come out $900 on top of what we had already spent... He came sprayed, and waited a week, we still saw some. I found them caked in my kids bed under a rail we took apart, needless to say we through their beds away and got new ones. finally after the exterminator coming back 4 times... we are FINALLY bedbug free!!

nonmember avatar Ero

Really... you want to stop going to a library and getting paper books due to bugs. I understand bed bugs are expensive and not fun but this doesn't mean ending a fun day at a public place! Nook and tablets only can work if you are a person WHO can buy one. I prefer real books, real people, AND REAL EXPERIENCES. Just make sure you are healthy enough and just slightly crazy enough to see if you got a bed bug. That's it. Don't blame a library. I live about an hour from Seattle, and what they did should be done at every library so people can keep going. To be nice... just don't disown the library system. That's like forcing your kid to learn a NOOK at 3 years old and watching them read rather then be helping them. Lazy parenting isn't parenting.

nonmember avatar ButteryMuffyn

Ero, that was a pretty crappy comment about lazy parenting. I too live near Seattle, Eastside, and 2 of my kids own Kindles. Does that make me a crappy parent? No, we still visit the library, they still like real books, and yes, they still have REAL experiences. Stop being such a pompous ass.

nonmember avatar Tiffany

Ero - clearly you have NEVER had bed bugs and I will say, without flinching that if I found out my library had bed bugs, we would never go there and I have kids who love the library! I, on the other hand, know what its like to have BB and its miserable. A visit to the library does not trump my kids waking up with bumps that itch like crazy. We spent months trying to rid them and after $$$ of dollars and furniture on the curb, we finally won the war...I will never risk that again. If that makes me a bad parent than I question your mental disposition. Happy New Year!

tauru... taurusmom88

You can pick up bed bugs anywhete. Frim schools, to libraries, to neighbors houses, to pretty much any public area. So let's just stop going to all these places because of what could be. It siunds like these libraries are taking care of it. What's the big deal. The library only got bed bugs in the first place from people who don't pay attention to their homes or just didn't notice the signs of bed bugs and returned the books.

Littl... LittleMom2

Never had them, but I am now going to use my e-reader. It won't stop me from going to the library, because sometimes, you have to read the book to understand versus a tablet, but just will be more careful and check the pages before taking the book out. That's all you gotta do, just be careful and check the book.

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