Snooki’s New Jersey Dream Home Will Turn Her Into Another Teresa Giudice

snookiSnooki's had some real estate issues as of late. First she was kicked out of her Seaside Heights abode (seeing as Jersey Shore ended and everything) and has been living with Jionni and baby Lorenzo in Jionni's parents' basement. Doesn't sound ideal, does it? Not to worry, though, Snooki's got a plan -- they're building a house from scratch on a lot they bought in New Jersey about 10 minutes from her mother-in-law's place.

Listen. I'm not saying that we might have another Teresa Giudice real estate-type disaster on our hands, but the similarities of that happening are pretty great. 


Both Snooki and Teresa got rich and famous for, for, for, um, for ... being kind of stupid on TV? I mean, that's pretty much my summation. They acted like fools, lovable fools for the most part, on cable and became rich. Which is to say, they might not understand the value of a dollar.

Take Teresa. She and that muscly midget she married built an enormous Barbie dream house in New Jersey and furnished the thing with vases the size of my garage, the finest Italian marble money could buy, and leather couches so plush even Jack Nicholson would be impressed. (I feel like Jack would be a connoisseur of fine leather furnishings.) Thing is, though, they couldn't exactly afford it.

Within a few years, the Giudices filed for bankruptcy and held an auction to pretty much sell off everything in their home, up to and including their stove. Doesn't get any more desperate than that. 

Hopefully Snooki will be a bit smarter when building her house. For some reason, I feel like she's got a good head on her shoulders (something that can't be said about Teresa) and won't spend what she doesn't have.

Because if she does, well, I don't know who'd be in line to buy her home furnishings should she need the cash ... it's not like hot pink bean bag chairs are that desirable.

Do you think Snooki will pull a Teresa Giudice?


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