Cat Scared of Video Game Will Have You In Hysterics (VIDEO)


And so this is Christmas and you haven't laughed yet? Well, we can't let that happen. And it just so happens we've got the perfect antidote to the laughless holiday. A CAT! Of courrrrrrse. For if this cat video doesn't make you laugh, then I'll be the one to tell you that you're laugh meter is broken and you better get to the doctor aysap! There's a nice bonus here too: You get to see what a super old Super Mario video game looks like. Combine Mario Bros. and a golden kitty cat with a fear of bouncing noises and you've got a winner.

My friend sent me this video (yes, I'm that sad soul whose friends forward her cat videos) with the line, "No cats were harmed in the making of this video.") And I'll be honest, as I watched it, I kept thinking, This poor kitty! Whhhhyyyy are they torturing it with that bouncing sound? (Yeah, I'm a little overly sensitive.) However, I was laughing too hard to care much.

PLUS it looks like the cat is sort of enjoying itself. After all, he doesn't leave the room or run away. He just keeps trying to figure out what that noise is. And when the bouncing sound comes in, look out.

The funniest part is the end, when the cat thinks the torturous sounds are all over and goes back to grooming himself. And then! Doh!!!!

Take a look. And if you've got family over and no one has giggled yet today, bring them over for a look too. I DARE you to get through it without cracking a smile. And, oh yeah, you won't get that Super Mario video game sound out of your head for at least a week.

Happy holidays, everyone!!

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nonmember avatar krelia

Cute, because scared cats are hilarious. But fake nonetheless (you can see a string from the ground they pull up around 1:16)

Frida266 Frida266

Kinda mean.

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