5 After-Christmas Sales You Don't Want to Miss

salesAh, the day after Christmas. The celebrating is (temporarily) over. You have a vague “what the hell just happened” feeling. And it’s time to shop. I know, I know, some of you would rather eat a pile of grass than brave the crowds today. I agree. But dude -- the sales are crazy. It’s worth it to just get up early; pack a bottle of water, maybe a snack; organize your receipts; and head out into the wild, wild world of Day After Christmas Shopping. And you don’t want to skip these places if you do so, because their sales are unlike anything you’ve ever seen. Come on, you can do it -- here are 5 places with awesome post-holiday sales.


Macy’s. I feel like this one is a given, but had to mention it, because Macy’s is insane after December 25. Even before Christmas you can get things 99 percent off with all those coupons they send you -- but after Christmas it’s even better because everything is on sale to boot. I once got a shirt that was originally $85 for 4. True story.

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"Big" stores like Toys R Us, Old Navy, and Victoria's Secret. According to Deal News, last year (and most years), some of the biggest discounts were found at massive chain stores, like the ones I just listed. (And if you ever attempted going to one of these stores after Christmas, I think you know what I'm talking about. To describe the crowds [and state of the stores] as "insane" is an understatement, but hot dog, will you get a discount.)

Online. Hey, guess what? Because I -- and Coupons.com -- like you so much, here are some awesome online discounts at your favorite retailers.

Holiday decorations. The thought of buying holiday decorations after Christmas might be a nauseating thought to some, but there really isn't a better time to find steals for next year. Places are dying to get rid of their Christmas inventory, so hit up stores like The Christmas Tree Shop, Target, and even Rite Aid for crazy holiday decor discounts.

Amazon. If history repeats itself, as it tends to do, you will be able to find unbelievable deals on Amazon today. Last year, jewelry and electronics were hot items, but it's worth a look no matter what you're buying.

What sales do you know of?


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