Moms Spotted Decorating for Christmas 'in the Wild' & Honey Badger Would Approve (VIDEO)

Fans of Honey Badger get ready -- the narrator of that funny series of animals in the wild videos narrated by the one and only Randall, can now enjoy this series Moms in the Wild. Moms and their kids are getting ready for Christmas and it's scaaaaary, y'all, it's craaaaazy. Look at 'em go! Mom don't give a sh*t.


Here we have moms in their natural habitat doing what moms in their natural habitat do around Christmas time. They decorate trees. Grr. Look at 'em just decorating away!

They also look up things like "where Santa comes from" on the computer and explain to kids that Santa comes from the North Pole and the kid is all like, Yeah, right, sounds a little far fetched to me, Mom. Let's Google it! Oh, those crazy kids. Kids don't give a sh*t.

Gingerbread homes are native to the terrain of holiday time suburbia, but rarely do we catch sight of an actual mother creature and her offspring making the gingerbread home. Sssh. Don't want to scare away this pair away.

Cameras also captured young humans on the lap of a bearded man in a red suit whom they called Santa Claus. This is a primal ritual humans take part in every year, one that often causes human offspring to scream and cry while their human mothers laugh and take photos of said crying offspring. Strange creatures these humans be.

Here's more Christmas scenes of moms and their gift-loving offspring in the wild! It's all natural and none of it was Photoshopped or anything like that. Pretty craaaazy! Moms are bad ass.


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