Christmas Tree Bursts Through Roof & We Bet Even Santa’s Surprised (PHOTO)

christmas treeResidents in a Seattle neighborhood probably gasped out loud when they saw their neighbor's house: It looks like someone's too-big Christmas tree burst through the roof! You can see the tree with lights in the window. And right above that, a tree top pokes out from a pile of broken shingles.

Jiminy Christmas, did someone forget to measure? And who knew the tip of a Christmas tree could be strong enough to push through a ceiling and roof, anyway! Seriously, what's going on there in Seattle with the trees? Concerned neighbors have been stopping by to find out how this all happened.


And they're glad to hear it's just a silly holiday joke. Homeowner Patrick Kruger is an architect with some mischievous ideas. He actually cut off the top of a 14-foot tree and bolted the tip to his roof with plywood to make it look like it had broken through. Kruger just wanted to surprise his neighbors with some not-so-ordinary Christmas decorations.

"I think everybody needs a laugh this year, so I thought I'd give them a little something to smile about," Kruger says. He loves watching kids' jaws drop when they see the optical illusion, and his own 4-year-old has been just thrilled. As for his wife? "She puts up with this and every other crazy idea that I come up with."

Aww! I love this clever idea -- so much more than those jacked-up lightscapade houses we usually see around the holidays. And Kruger is right, we could ALL use a laugh right now. What a great way to spread Christmas cheer.

What's the best holiday home decoration you've ever seen?


Image via Patrick Kruger/

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