5 Things You Can Do for Your Pets if the World Ends Tomorrow

Soooo I guess the world is supposed to end tomorrow. Which sucks because I just paid my credit card bill. What'd I do that for?! Anyway, this has something to do with the Mayan calendar, yada yada. Hey, look, I've been hearing about the end of the world since I was a kid. I remember when I was about 5 years old, there was a big end of the world thing. I was so upset and asked my mom if the world was really ending. She replied, "Dunno." Thanks, Mom!

Anyway, I know some of you are actually worried about this ... I guess?! And you're making preparations. And maybe you're concerned about your pets, and what to do with them just in case there is actually an apocalyptic alignment between Earth and a blackhole in the center of the galaxy and blah blah blah ... So let's talk about protecting your fur babies.


Bring them with you. If the world starts ending (what an oxymoron), I'm not going anywhere without my pets. Maybe I'll try to run away from some burning asteroids or something like that, but I'm sure to take my fur kids with me. But I'll need to be able to run fast and not get bogged down with a heavy carrier. This Casual Canine Ultimate Backpack Dog Carrier should do the trick.

Wrap 'em up. Dogs and cats don't like loud noises and I'm guessing the end of the world is going to be a noisy bugger. Burning rocks hurled from space, mountains exploding, volcanoes erupting, people calling out for their last drink before the bar closes. Thundershirt can keep your pets calm during chaotic times.

Soothing music. Maybe you're gonna hop in your getaway car (good luck getting gas!) and try the back roads (stay away from the freeway!) while trying to escape the end of the world. Pop these soothing music DVDs for pets into the player and your fur kids will be good for the trip. Though I don't know where you're going. The world is ending, man! It won't spare your beach house!

Dress 'em up. One of these doggie safety jackets or high visibility dog gear -- in bright red -- will help you locate your furry pal in case you get separated in the mad rush to safety. (Wherever that may be.) The bright color will help you see Fluffy or Fido through the mass of smoke that will no doubt accompany the end of days.

Let 'em see. In case you get separated from your feline or pooch, you'll want him to be able to see through all of the chaos. That's where this lumen high-tech personal headlamp can come in handy. Plus, think of how cute it will look!

But, seriously, people. The most important thing you can do for your pets is to stay calm, tell them you love them, and stay with them. And, oh yeah, see you here tomorrow, same time, same place. Bring your pets!

What would you do for your pets if the world ended?


Image via RuffWear

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