Men Try to Fold Fitted Sheets & You Have to See the Hilarity (VIDEO)

Whew!!! I am so superfanfreakingtastically ECSTATIC to find out that I'm not the only one who can't fold fitted sheets. I really thought it was just me. For years, I kept this secret shame to myself, pushing it deep into the dark nether regions of my psyche, praying that no one would ever find out my humilating secret. But lo. Lauren O'Quinn of CafeMom Studio's Mom v Man was brave enough to tell the world that she too can't fold fitted sheets. It's like those round corners just mess you up every damn time. Thank you, Lauren, for shedding light on this hitherto unspoken of national problem. Fitted sheets cannot be folded, be damn it!


Lauren took to the streets to see if she could find a man who could figure out how to fold the fitted sheets -- after all, they're men. Laundry may not be their bag, but they're geniuses at putting things together, right? Right?! Surely they can figure out a fitted sheet???

She called over two guys -- Chris and Romeo. Which totally sounds like the lead characters in some kind of dude sitcom. Anyway, she gave them each a fitted sheet and challenged them to see who could fold the damn thing. And I mean FOLD it -- not, like, fold it over like a lumpy burrito whilst howling, "I give up on this damn thing!" like you normally do.

Could either one of them actually do it? One guy comes close. Sorta. The other guy -- well, he folds it over like a lumpy burrito, which is just what you DO with the damn fitted sheet, honestly. I'll let you guess which one is more successful. (Hint: Do you really think a hot muscly guy by the name of Romeo folds his own sheets?)

Anyhoo ... I'm just glad I'm not alone. It's one more issue I can unpack from my big bag of ISSUES. I can't fold this one, but I can unpack it.

Can you fold fitted sheets?


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