5 Last Minute Homemade Gifts That Look Like You Spent a Bundle

Etsy Coffee SleeveLet's face it: The time for ordering Christmas gifts online has pretty much ended. We're all coming down to the wire and now you're at the point where you don't care what you get your mother-in-law for Christmas, you just want to make sure you have something.

Listen, we get it. I have good news for you, though! There are plenty of gifts you can make on your own at home that will look like you spent a fortune, but well, ya didn't. Sound too good to be true? Ah my friend, I will make you a believer, I promise.

Check out these 5 DIY gifts you can make at home:


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Peppermint foot scrubs: Someone gives me a jar of this every year and I always get jealous I didn't take the initiative and make one myself. Sure you could buy it online, but making it yourself is SO much easier and you KNOW you'll have it for Christmas.

Simply combine 1 cup sugar with a few tablespoons olive or coconut oil until you have a grainy, wet mixture. Add in a few drops of peppermint essential oils and bam! Perfect present.

peppermint foot scrub

Coffee sleeves: Found on Etsy, I absolutely adore this idea. Just head on over to your local craft store and pick out a fabric you like as well as a backer and a cute button. Pull up your sewing machine and this great tutorial, and you are ready to go!

Coffee sleeves

Framed memories: Everyone loves family photos. Buying inexpensive frames (like this one from Jo-Ann Fabric and Craft Stores) and then putting your own decorative touches onto them is the perfect way to personalize special gifts.

FrameCookie mixes in a jar: These kinds of jars are my favorite. It's as easy as finding your favorite recipe, then stacking all of the necessary dry ingredients in a standard mason jar. 

cookie mix jar

Infused vodkas: Infusing vodka is totally easy, you've just got to start RIGHT now. The sooner you marinate your flavors, the tastier the vodka will be when you want to gift it on Tuesday. My favorite flavor? Pineapple. Simply cut up a whole pineapple, put it in a large glass jar, and pour in your favorite vodka. Allow the flavors to meld up until Christmas Eve, then bottle and wrap accordingly.

infused vodka

Do you make gifts yourself? Have you ever tried any of these?


Image via Etsy

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