7 Hilarious Glimpses at How Cats & Christmas Trees Don’t Mix (VIDEO)

cat christmas treeYour Christmas tree could be in serious danger -- if you have a cat, that is. It's true: House cats are natural predators of the tinsel-covered tannenbaum, and you certainly can't blame them for being obsessed with what is, to them, a giant scratching post that shows up once a year with a bunch of glittery stuff hanging from its branches.

Don't believe us? The proof is in these pictures, plus a brilliant time lapse video of one stealthy cat in action.

First, the video. Check this sneaky guy out! And he pretends to be all innocent, too:

Has your cat ever attacked the Christmas tree?


Image via Jennifer C./Flickr

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JCKit... JCKitten87

One of my kittens like to sleep in the tree towards the top lol

nonmember avatar Megan

Guys, please be careful with glass ornaments and pets! Cats and dogs see them as toys and can break them and accidentally ingest the sharp glass shards. My husband and I found this out the hard way just a few days ago. Our eight month old kitten broke an ornament and we had no idea she had eaten some of the glass until the next day when she started acting funny. We ended up having to have her put down because of her suffering. I feel horrible and if I had a redo we would have never had that type of ornament or had them where she could reach them. Rest in peace, Lola. I miss you so much!

craft... craftycatVT

It worries me to see tinsel on a tree in a house where there's a cat. They can swallow it and it can get wrapped up around their internal organs. I never use tinsel!

godde... goddess99

When my cat was a kitten he would climb in the tree and wait for someone to walk by so he could launch out and attack.

lalas... lalasmama2007

We had a kitten that loved climbing the tree and her head would pop out at the top of the tree.

dusky... dusky_rose

My kitty used to do this when she was little, but she has outgrown attacking the tree, thank goodness!

la_be... la_bella_vita

I've never had a cat but that's pretty funny

slw123 slw123

I had a cat that managed to take our whole tree down one year and we didn't hear a thing.  The tree was laying on it's side, ornaments shattered, garland ripped to shred and all.

ceciliam ceciliam

My one cat doesn't bother with the tree, he just likes to sleep under it. However, i had another cat who would climb inside and sleep in the branches. They never bothered the ornaments...neither does my dog.

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