5 Tough Common Stains & How to Clean Them Up!

scrubbing stain off floorLet me guess. Giving the house a deep clean is somewhere near the top of your list of New Year's resolutions. Welcome to the club, now how are you going to handle all the stains you're going to come across?

Easy, peasy, lemon squeezy! No really, lemon does wonders around the house. And there's a lot more of that kind of easy to fix stain clean-up where that come from. Just get a load of this list:


1. Red Wine. Get it on the carpet, get it on the couch, get it on your clothes. Wherever it spills, red wine can make quite the mess. That is unless you have some shaving cream around? Spray it on, and watch the stain disappear! You can also pour white wine directly on the red wine to prevent it from setting. Don't have either? Blot carefully, then apply a baking soda and water paste to the spill to lift out the rest of the stain.

2. Rust. Told you lemon was coming, didn't I? If you've got rust or lime scale build-up, apply lemon juice and allow to soak, then wash normally. Voila: all gone!

3. Blood. Kid fell off her bike and came into the house dripping blood on the carpet? Grab the peroxide and start pouring -- on the carpet I mean! You know how it bubbles all the dirt out of a cut? It will bubble the blood out of fabric and fibers too!

4. Grease and oil. One of the easiest fixes comes right out of your kitchen cabinets. Pour cornstarch on the spill and allow to sit for several hours. Then trash the cornstarch! No cornstarch? Try these other easy fixes for grease stains.

5. Grass. OK, maybe not this time of year (depending on where you live), but you're bound to deal with green streaks at some point, so listen up. Soak the stained item in water, then hit it with an alcohol-soaked sponge (be careful not to rub hard or the stain will set). Next pour a liquid gel detergent on there and rub.

What are the stains you deal with most in your house? Any good tips for getting rid of them?


Image via bark/Flickr

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