5 Tacky & Terrible Christmas Ornaments That Should Grace No Tree (PHOTOS)

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poop pee ornament

There was a time when my visions of a Christmas tree were perfectly color-coordinated with matching ornaments, loads of flowing ribbons, and nary a light out of place. I may have even once hyperventilated when some out-of-town in-laws came with their loads of gifts wrapped in bright and boisterous paper that clashed with the picture-perfect ones under MY tree.

Time and kids came, and I loosened up A LOT. Now my tree is one big explosion of kids' crafts, random ornaments they've begged me to buy, and whatever else they choose to throw up there.

Still, there's a limit as to how low I will go when it comes to what goes on my tree. And apparently some in the ornament-making business will go pretty low because there are some doozies out there. Here five truly terrible and tacky ornaments that should grace no tree.

What is the tackiest Christmas tree ornament you've seen?

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