Gift Guide: Garden Guru

Check each of the Daily Buzz channels every day this week to find gift ideas for all the different people in your life. Yesterday, here in Home & Garden, we had gift ideas for your Eco-Friend. Throughout the week, we'll also have gift ideas for: the Handmade Hipster, the Handy (Wo)Man, the Pet Lover, and very soon...Stocking Stuffers!

What will you get the Garden Guru in your life?

Your Garden Guru friend probably has more rubber clogs, thorn-resistant gloves, and trowel thingies for digging in dirt than she could ever use in one garden. Why not find something a little more unique for your garden-loving pal?

bud vase, Heath

2008 Winter Budvase, $25 from Heath Ceramics


Product: 2008 Limited Edition Winter Budvase

Cost: $25

Where to Buy: Heath Ceramics

Extras: Hand-crafted since 1948, Heath Ceramics pair classic, modern design with functionality. This season's budvase boasts a matte red exterior with a subtle hint of burgundy poking through the mouth of the vase. Available while supplies last (est. April 1st).

Why I Love It: Every Garden Guru deserves a sensational place to display the rewards of her hard work.

Lawnscapes book

Lawnscapes, $14.95 from Chronicle Books

Product: Lawnscapes: Mowing Patterns to Make Your Yard a Work of Art

Cost: $14.95

Where to Buy: Chronicle Books

Extras: Includes patterns for 20 different designs, plus tips on creating your own grassy masterpieces. 

Why I Love It: The flowers are gorgeous. The vegetable garden abundant. But that lawn, that lawn is atrocious...

about trees kit

About Trees Kit, $20 from The Curiosity Shoppe

Product: About Trees Kit

Cost: $20

Where to Buy: The Curiosity Shoppe

Extras: The tree kit includes 24 tree species identification cards, a tree height measure, a skeleton leaf (plus instructions on how to make your own), instructional leaflets, and sees for planting 3 different trees.

Why I Love It: Because barking up the wrong tree is always so embarrassing, especially for a gardener...

Check back tomorrow for gift ideas for your favorite Handmade Hipster.

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