8 Perfect Pet Gifts to Give Your 4-Legged Babies This Holiday

Kiri Blakeley | Dec 14, 2012 Home & Garden

cat and dogThose of us with fur children will surely not forget them when it comes time to put gifts under the tree -- or perhaps high, high up on a shelf where our babies can't destroy them.

Sure, dogs can't open presents, but they get as excited as kids when given a new toy. Cats, well, they don't get excited about much -- but we love them so much, how can we possibly exclude them from the festivities?

In case you're stuck on what gifts to get your pets this year, here are some cool ideas for your fluffy little ones that will make them wag their tails -- or purr -- with joy.

Will you buy anything for your pets this holiday?


Image via Joanna Bourne/Flickr

  • Thundershirt


    Image via Thundershirt.com

    If your dog or cat tends to have freakouts due to thunderstorms, vet visits, or just you not being around, Thundershirt's cozy wraparounds (Thundershirt, $39.95) miraculously make them calm and happy.

  • Music for Pets


    Image via Bradley Joseph

    If you feel guilty leaving your pet alone, guilt no more. Simply play one of these music, sound, and story-filled albums or DVDs (Music Pets Love, from $9 for a digital download), and your pooch or feline (or even bird) will have hours of relaxing times listening to calming music specifically designed for their furry (or feathery) ears.

  • Dog Vacation


    Image via Highlandvue.com

    Glen Highland Farm in Morris, New York offers 175 acres of beautiful, rolling countryside and accommodations where you can play fetch, swim, camp, or hike with your best friend. The one who drools. (The other best friend who drools.)

  • Cat Scratch DJ


    Image via Uncommon Goods

    Does Fluffy adore scratching up your furniture? Does she also want to be a DJ? Combine the two loves with this cat scratch material turnstile (Cat Scratch DJ on Uncommon Goods, $35), perfect for kitty to scratch -- and scratch, if you know what I mean. Plus, it will make for funny photos.

  • Frolicat Laser Toy


    Image via FroliCat

    FroliCat has a plethora of interactive laser toys for your cat and dog, like the FroliCat Dart ($29.99 from Bed Bath & Beyond) -- for those times when a lame feather wand or chew toy just won't do.


  • HomeAgain Microchip


    Image via HomeAgain.com

    There's really no greater gift you can give your pets than being able to find them again via microchip if they ever get lost. HomeAgain's microchip implant (HomeAgain, $45) will make it easy for vets or shelters to track your pet back to you.

  • Honest Kitchen Food & Treats


    Image via HonestKitchen.com

    Healthy real food means a healthy pet. Why not give your precious pet the gift of real meat, vegetables, and potatoes this season, just like you'll enjoy? Honest Kitchen has a range of treats and foods.

  • Interactive Dog Treat Puzzle


    Image via HappyDogsPlay.com

    Hide a treat under the various moving parts of this interactive dog puzzle (Happy Dogs Play, $35.95) and watch your dog torture amuse himself for hours.

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