6 Hilarious Christmas Morning Freak-Outs (VIDEOS)

christmas morningThere truly is nothing like Christmas morning when you're a kid. I mean, what's better than waking up to a room full of presents? Nothing! But when you're an adult, the magic lies in kids' reactions to what Santa brought. The screaming. The excitement. The jumping up and down. It's one of life's priceless little moments, and -- woo-hoo! -- it's right around the corner.

So, to get us in the spirit for the insanity that's to occur at our homes Christmas morning, here are 6 hilarious Christmas morning reactions.


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I've gotta say: Giving kids refrigerators as gifts is ... odd. But these reactions are awesome.

These kids are seriously excited about their iPods. Guess this video is a few years old.

Aw -- this little dude stoked about his easel. What a sweetheart!

And this little cutie simply can't wait to open her present.

I'm not sure what these kids are screaming about, but it's pretty damn hilarious.

Best. Reaction. Ever.

Do your kids freak out Christmas morning?


Image via raw64life/YouTube

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