Creative New Ways to Use Old Picture Frames (VIDEO)

I've always wanted to be the handy-dandy type of person who can whip up a magnetic spice rack or artistic makeup display case made out of an old frame -- but, alas, I am not. When you start talking magnets, drills, and "Mod Podge" to me, I start waving my hands, squinting my eyes, and wailing, "Make it stooooop!" Luckily, Andee Dodson, host of CafeMom Studios' Make It Fabulous, is nothing like me. And she can show you how to actually make a magnetic spice rack and a makeup display case out of an old frame. And they look pretty cool. Let's take a look.


Andee loves to collect old frames at flea markets, and I confess I'm an old frame lover too. But I never thought about some of the more unique and creative ways you can show off an old frame.

First, Andee makes a makeup display case out of an old frame by cutting tin to fit the round frame, then adding Mod Podge and colorful paper, magnets to the back of makeup, and wah-lah! putting it up on the wall, where Andee says the makeup is now easily accessible for her daughter. There's some drill usage in there too, which makes this unlikely for me to personally try, but it doesn't look that hard, and hey, maybe it's about time I picked up a drill!

Andee also spray paints an old chalk board gold, gussies it up with flair, adds magnets to the back of spices, and there you have it, a pretty cool-looking spice rack. No drill involved here, so maybe I could actually try this one.

Anyway, she can explain it all better than I can, so check out this first episode of Make It Fabulous. For more home tips, visit the CafeMom Studios channel on YouTube.


Image via YouTube

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