Houses With Picture-Perfect Christmas Decorations Make Me Feel Like a Failure

snowy houseHello, my name is Mary, and I have a huge inferiority complex thanks to my lack of enthusiasm and patience for holiday decorating.

Yes, we have a Christmas tree, and yes, there's a pretty candle and a festive runner displayed on my dining room table, so the inside of the house looks pretty good.

But as for the outside of my home? Yeah, that's another story, because other than an artificial wreath that hangs on the front door, there isn't one ounce of Christmas cheer going on with this pad. (My husband and I affectionately call our place "The Dungeon.")

Back to the inferiority thing -- which stems directly from the dozens of gorgeous houses in my neighborhood decorated with picture perfect lights adorning every window, door, tree, and all of the above. (They're seriously killing me.)


And oh yeah, in addition to the lights, a lot of the homes around here have wreaths on every window, glowing reindeer displays in the yard, and a select few even have sparkly icicle lights going on. (Damn overachievers.)

A few years ago, I did the whole candle in every single window with a miniature tree on the upstairs landing thing, and then somewhere along the way, I realized what a huge pain it was to keep up with all that stuff. And it always seemed like one light was always burned out, and when I'd go to replace the bulb, it would wind up being a slightly different color than the rest, making the whole display look ridiculous.

I just don't have time for that kind of effort anymore, but now that I've gone from a decent amount of decorations to basically no decorations, I'm reminded of just how bad my house sucks every time I drive into my neighborhood and encounter the endless rows of holiday perfection.

And then I wind up feeling pretty pathetic, because if all of the other busy people in my neighborhood can manage to find the time to make their house all shiny and perfect for Christmas, then why in the heck am I incapable of doing the same? Am I really that much of a loser?

Oh well, I guess there's always next year. And the good news is while my neighbors are busy spending the weekend after New Year's tearing down holiday decor, I'll be relaxing and celebrating 2013. (Suckers.)

How do you find time to make your house look pretty for the holidays?


Image via Mary Fischer

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