Angry Bed, Bath & Beyond Worker Trashes Boss on a Store Price Tag

Price TagIf you've ever wanted to tell your boss to do as the song says and take this job and shove it, then you're going to love this story. Apparently there was an extremely unhappy Bed, Bath & Beyond worker out there somewhere, as Reddit user mastranios says he came across an angry and scathing message hanging from a NuWave Infrared Oven in one of the stores

While it did say the product was for "fat f*cks," his (or her?) harshest words were for his boss. There printed above the price of $119.99, he had typed in, "MY BOSS IS A PR*CK!" Clearly he wasn't worried about getting fired either, because he topped that off with, "I'M QUITTING TODAY."

Not exactly what you expect to see when you go looking for housewares, huh?


What an immature and rude thing to do, but ... mostly I think it's pretty hilarious. While the employee can pretty well kiss a good recommendation goodbye, there's got to be a certain sense of satisfaction in just letting someone have it like that.

We, of course, don't know the circumstances, but I like to think it was some power hungry manager who had made this guy's (or girl's?) life miserable by micromanaging him and otherwise tripping him up with his power trip. And that the look on his face when he (or she) saw this would have been worth it.

Of course, it could have been some insolent, slacker of an employee who thinks he can do no wrong either, or just a joke that no one ever really saw, and in that case, then the story isn't as sweet. But regardless, it certainly makes me want to look more closely at those price tags the next time I go shopping for housewares. Who knows what could be lurking there.

Funny or totally inappropriate? Have you ever seen anything out of line or surprising on a store price tag?

Image via Reddit

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