8 Holiday Light Displays That Are Even Tackier Than Clark Griswold's (PHOTOS)

christmas lights

Go ahead and fess up -- how many times have you watched Christmas Vacation already since Thanksgiving? It's only, like, the funniest movie EVER -- and one of the best parts of the whole thing is when Clark Griswold finally gets the "250 strands of lights" on his house lit and the power plant in town goes berserk. (Love it.)

But while having so many lights on display is hilarious in the movies, it can be a little bit annoying if the house next door is the one trying to re-create Clark's holiday display.

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Yes -- some people really do go a little bit overboard when it comes to outdoor decorating this time of year.

Check out these photos to see some of the most over-the-top houses around!

How many lights do you put up each year?


Image via terren in Virginia/Flickr

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Foley... Foleygirl24

I actually live near house #7. The whole street looks like that! It's pretty cool to drive by!

miche... micheledo

Well, if you lived next door you could save money on electricity.  Just turn you lights off for the whole month! :D  However, if you like your bedroom dark at night, it could be annoying.

I don't think they are tacky.  As my dad would say, "I would NOT want their electric bill!!"

jlynn07 jlynn07

i don't think any of those are tacky. this is what is looks like in my neighborhood

nonmember avatar NCC

I love these!! If I had the money my house would be decked out!!

dearg76 dearg76

I have to say - I don't think they are tacky - maybe a bit overboard but not tacky. Enjoy the lights it only lasts a short amount of time

Reepi... Reepicheep.CSL

The only tacky thing here is you. You are not being forced to decorate like this or pay their electric bill, so who cares? FYI, most people have lights on a timer so they aren't on all night.

Aeris... AerisKate

I actually love houses like this! It is so fun to drive around during December and look at lights. 

babyb... babybluejess12

Hmmmm is it me or is the word "tacky" overused on the Stir by its writers?

GwenMB GwenMB

I also don't think the displays are really tacky.  Not something I'd do - but that's only because I'm lazy & cheap. lol  We don't do any outside lights, our only outside decoration is a wreath.

Those displays do make my neighbor look pretty restrained, though, which is funny since she has a reputation for going all out.

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