Couple Kidnaps Handyman & Makes Him Do the Unthinkable in Their Palatial Mansion (VIDEO)

Jason DeJesus Chanelle TroedsonHome repairs can be a bitch, plain and simple. From minor irritations to big gaping problems, they pile up quickly; and if neither you nor your spouse is a fixit kind of person, then you've got to hire someone to do them for you. Or, you could do like a couple in California, and just kidnap a handyman and force him to do all the repairs for you.

I kid you not; that's just what Jason DeJesus, 36, and Chanelle Troedson, 33, did. According to ABC-7 this week they were arrested and charged with kidnapping, false imprisonment, and assault with a deadly weapon. They apparently lured the poor guy to their enormous mansion near San Jose, then beat him up, and put him to work. They told him if he stopped, they'd beat him some more. So for seven hours (yes, SEVEN hours) he worked on their dishwasher and a broken door. Does this sound like a Lifetime movie to anyone else?

When he finished, they still weren't finished with him, and things took an even more bizarre twist.

They headed over to the home of a relative to get him started on some work there! On the way over, however, they stopped for gas, and while they went in to get snacks, the handyman fled.

Not very clever kidnappers right? To just add the unbelievable icing to this crazy cake, after the handyman raced to a nearby house and called police, police found DeJesus and Troedson still inside the gas station, still shopping for snacks. Guess they couldn't decide between the Pringles and the Doritos?

What a bizarre case from beginning to end. Apparently it wasn't just a random act of forced labor though. According to reports, the couple's relative was apparently unhappy with the work the handyman had or hadn't done at another house, so this seems like it was some kind of payback or whatnot. But still, talk about extreme.

Neither my husband nor I are especially handy people, and so our list does grow desperately long some times. Not so desperate that we'd kidnap someone to complete it, but long enough that I at least get this couple's motive, as majorly messed up as their method was. More so though I feel for this poor handyman who was probably terrified. I suppose there are worse things they could have forced him to do, but I'm sure it wasn't easy to work under those circumstances. I hope the judge nails the couple -- pun totally intended.

Can you believe anyone would do this?!

Image via ABC-7

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What kind of fucking question is that? That poor man and you ask that? Would you ask what kind of work I would MAKE a woman do if this had been a story a about a woman taken and held against her will and forced to work. You see stories about that all the time and its not anything to make light of and neither is this.

Nicol... NicoleMarie1211

@Prima - I was thinking the same thing! 

tuffy... tuffymama

Agreed, PRIMA. I think The Stir think it's okay to laugh at the subjugation, degradation and victimization of men. Typical new feminists.

nonmember avatar Sarah

Hmmm...if I kidnapped a handyman...what would I make him do...?

NOTHING!!! Wtf kind of question is that?! The thought of kidnapping someone and forcing them to do work against their will has surprisingly never crossed my mind.

rocamom rocamom

This is SO messed up.. My father is a carpenter and I can't imagine this happening to him..  WOW how sad that people had to go SO LOW..

Mama2... Mama2JoshKatie

That poor man! That is horrible. I'm glad he got away!

D.O.E. D.O.E.

ONLY IN AMERICA.  you guys never cease to entertain me :)

debbi... debbidoesphotos

?? Can I ask what you all are looking at, or was the comment taken down, because I don't see anything related to what you are commenting about! Thanks :]

Sarah Michelle

They don't strike me as "the mansion owning" type...

Patricia Prine Daniels

Wasn't this call slavery? Which was legal for a long time. I'm glad that times have changed and this guy got away and nothing else happened to him. You hear too many stories of child and adults being kidnapped and made to do horrible things.

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