The 6 Most Ridiculous Gifts I Can't Resist Buying



My 7-year-old is drawn to infomercial products like a fly to the Bug Zapper Racket ... like a dog to Bark Off ... like a senior citizen to the EZ Eyes Keyboard ... like a mom to those Meaningful Beauty products Cindy Crawford will practically bring to your door. In fact, my little princess is convinced the holidays will be a total disaster without a Big Top Cupcake.

I'm not gonna lie, I've been smitten with some of those infomercial inventions myself. I own a couple of Snuggies, for instance -- everyone in the commercials looks so comfy on their couches while reading books and not feeling fettered by the constraints of a blanket. I've bought P90X, and Moon Sand, and Blendy Pens, and even Pillow Pets (before they sold them everywhere from Walmart to Shell stations).

In fact, some of them are positively irresistible and I want to buy them as gifts. Here are a few I find both ridiculous and at the same time inexplicably appealing:

Wine Yoke (; $2.95) -- Admit it, this hands-free wine glass holder looks pretty undignified, but if we're being honest, we mommies lost most of our dignity long ago. After having our little ones spit up on, throw up on, and wipe their noses on us, we're pretty much humiliation-proof. I say strap your Wine Yoke on and keep your arms free for laundry, cooking, and crafting, while enjoying a well-deserved glass of vino.

Giving this to someone says: I get that you do it all, and you're rarely off-duty. Well, that or you're a lush and I wish I'd bought you two.

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The Shake Weight (Bed Bath & Beyond; $14.99) -- This initially looked like the ultimate gag gift. In fact, when I first saw the infomercial, I thought it was a parody. I was expecting lines like:

"Ladies, are you tired of giving hand job after hand job to tone your upper arms? Well, we are too. That's why we made this nifty invention -- and you don't even have to cuddle with it when you're done."

But no, those commercials were real. And I have to be honest: I've tried it, and it works. Unfortunately for my hubby, I would've never assumed that performing that motion vigorously for just 6 minutes would help tone my arms and shoulders, or our time in the bedroom could've been a lot spicier than watching Homeland.

Buy this for yourself and tone those arms. Just don't let your husband borrow it (not an attractive visual when performed by the man you married).


FunSlides (; $19.99) -- They're the plastic "shoe" you Velcro around your feet for use on carpets to simulate the feeling of ice skating -- or more accurately, to make everything in the house more dangerous. They are truly fun, and if you don't have any hard objects near your carpet (like, say, furniture), they're great! Look, they don't make your house feel like the ice rink at Rockefeller Center, but if you and your hubs wrap yourselves in twinkle lights and run back and forth really fast around the kiddos, it feels pretty festive.

So pick them up for the kids -- just don't forget to pad all the furniture!

Booty Pop (; $28) -- These are boy-shorts with an extra kick. J.Lo, Beyonce, and all the Kardashians can just step off, because you're showing up to the party. Look, I've put silicone slabs that resemble raw meat in my bra, so why not throw shoulder pads in your shorts? If you're a straight shot from your shoulder to your ankle, I could see how these would be appealing. Personally, I'm usually trying to shrink my backside, not bulk it up, but to each her own.

These make a great stocking stuffer for your ass-less friends. Well, these and chaps (not to be worn together).

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Pajama Jeans (Walmart; $39.88) -- My daughter has suggested (on multiple occasions) we buy these and walk around town as twins. Slothful but comfortable twins who clearly aren't willing to make even an ounce of effort to dress in the AM. However, we'd be one step above people who go out in their unstylish PJs -- you know, the ones that actually look like pajama bottoms instead of awesome trendy jeans? I'm not gonna lie, a drawstring jean you can wear for days on end is kind of appealing. If you're too lethargic to put them in the laundry, simply walk yourself through a car wash (they're quick-dry).

Get this for any lollygagging friend or family member and write, "I knew you'd be too lazy to buy these yourself!"

The Potty Putter (Sears; $38.44) -- This is a mini putting green that sits by the toilet and helps the avid golfer in your life perfect his putting-while-pooping skills. Aside from the amount of germs I imagine would be festering on this toilet trainer, it looks kinda fun. Listen, how many times can one read that same lonely magazine you constantly forget to switch out?

Buy this for anyone who likes golf, and maybe include a small can of Lysol. This says, I want you to be content on the commode, I think you need some practice on your short game, and I prefer you not spread fecal matter (in other words: I love you).

What ridiculous gifts are you drawn to?


Images via Funny or Die;;;;; Walmart; Sears

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dirti... dirtiekittie

i'll admit: i've been incredibly tempted to try those pajama jean things. they really do look comfortable, although i just know there is no way in heck they will look that good on me. pajama pants just don't do that! lol 

nonmember avatar Soni

I am so intrigued by infomercials too!! Once a long time ago I bought this hair thingie that was supposed to remove split ends. Yeah right. It broke after about 3 weeks and my split ends remained. I also feel prey to Wen hair care products, mostly because a friend said it worked for her. It did not work for me and because they automatically sign you up for monthly shipments, it took me about five months of returning unopened boxes and several phone calls before they finally stopped sending them.
As a child of the '80's I am a sucker for Cindy Crawford and did just start using her skin care products. And guess what??!! I love them! My skin loves them! So finally, an infomercial worth the money. However, I have only invested in the introductory kit. I don't know how much the products will cost when these sample sizes run out.
Let us know if you buy anything!!

Jenna Mccarthy

When I was pregnant (and apparently a little germ-phobic) I bought the Scunci Steamer. I was positively smitten by the idea of sanitizing my house without a single chemical, but of course it was a piece of crap.  I do, however, want to buy the Forever Lazy (OMG, totally a real thing... youtube it if you haven't seen it--the parodies are HI-LAR-IOUS) for someone as a gag gift. It's sort of a cross between a Snuggie and footie pajajas. Actually, it's just footie pajamas. Maybe I'll send one to you, Jenny... :)  kiss

thego... thegoddesshowe

Never saw the Wine Yoke. I think that could be hazardous. Getting all tangled up trying to get the glass to your mouth? Maybe if it came with a really long straw.

Sheila79 Sheila79

If my so liked to golf three potty putter for those moments

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