5 Embarrassingly Chaotic Places in My House I Don't Want Anyone to See

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gadget drawerI think most people who know me would say I'm organized and maybe the slightest bit anal when it comes to my house (my minivan is a completely different story). I hate clutter, and while my house isn't always without it, for the most part you could walk in on even the worst day, and you wouldn't see too much out of place. It's what you wouldn't see, however, that's complete and utter chaos.

I have these places within my home that are not like the others. They are the places that make me cringe when anyone dares go near them, and make me laugh out loud sometimes when I see how out of control they are. The neat freak in me sometimes wants to deal with them, but there's another part of me that likes these little random reminders of the slob I once was (just ask my college roommates). Here are the five big ones.

1. My Kitchen Gadgets Drawer

I love to cook and collect gadgets of all sorts to help me do so. I have some very organized drawers of them and orderly spinners filled with others. The ones I use the most, however, are all thrown in this one drawer (partially pictured above). No else could ever find anything in there, but it works for me ... even if it takes three tries to shut it sometimes.

2. My Washer

There will inevitably be a smelly, damp load of laundry in there. My intentions are good when I load the machine and start it spinning ... then it's usually a good day or two before I remember I put it in there. Then I start all over again.

3. My Oven

I'm not going to go into too many details here, but we've been in this house for five years now, and it may have just been cleaned for the first time last week. Judge if you want; I'm sure I deserve it on that one.

4. My Makeup Drawer(s) ... and Shelves ... and Cupboards

I'm a product junkie, and somewhat of a hoarder when it comes to beauty supplies. I know they have expiration dates, but I just can't stand to throw them away. Besides, that lipstick from my 1999 wedding still is the perfect shade for some days.

5. My Kids' Playroom

I don't consider it part of "my" house, and I refuse to clean it. It's my kids' responsibility, and let's just say they're still learning about responsibility. So one big explosion of Legos and random dolls it usually is. I just shut the door.

What areas of your home do you hate for people to see?


Image via Julie Ryan Evans

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cassi... cassie_kellison

Pretty much all of downstairs! I live in a Bi-level house, you walk in the front door and either go Up to the living room, kitchen and 2 bedrooms or go Down to the den, office laundry. We mainly live in the upstairs and downstairs is storage. One room has all my Husbands Army junk, one empty room and the office has packed boxes from our move a year ago. I know I will be moving soon so why bother unpacking?

tuffy... tuffymama

Spare room is a hot mess. I've been cleaning it out a little every day for the last week, so it actually looks worse now even though it is getting better.

KathyTh. KathyTh.

Julie, I could have written this article.  My friends will tell you I'm a neat freak, but keep them away from my utensil drawer and my kids' playroom!

the4m... the4mutts

The only thing I hate people to see is the unfinished paint job in the master bedroom. Its been 3 months... we started and never finished. I wouldn't have a part of my house be cluttered/dirty enough to be embarassed of.

You must not be too embarassed, or you'd clean it.

MsRkg MsRkg

Enter my attic at your own risk. Once you go in there is no guarantee that you will be coming back out.

linzemae linzemae

Its our 3rd bedroom. it was a craft/junk room. Now i am pregnant and i need to clean it out for the baby but i have nowhere to put the stuff so half of it is in the basement. So now i dont want anyone in the basement as well. 

divam... divamomtjcj

my bathroom/laundry room

Meghan Roark

All of these. Add tupperware/storage container cabinets in there too for good measure. I try to keep everything else relatively clean and organized, which for me is saying something since my old high school bedroom at my parent's place looked like something out of Hoarders!

nikki... nikkivolkov

My baking cabinet is a clutter of spices and silly little cupcake wrappers that I can't resist buying because they're so darn cute but I never use them all. And cookie cutters galore that I think are reproducing in there as I find more and more that have appeared as if magically.

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