Mom Fantasizes About Her Husband's Death So She Can Go to Paris (VIDEO)

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Sooooo ... do you ever fantasize about your husband dying? Maybe not because you hate him or anything like that but because you want to get your money-grubbing hands on his life insurance policy and head to Paris? Well, one mom daydreams about this exact scenario. On this episode of CoffeeShop Confessions, our anonymous mother confessed that when her husband is late, she wonders whether something terrible has happened to him. And instead of getting weepy at the thought, she starts to imagine the life she and his insurance money could have without him.

Our secret mom says that although she loves her husband (really? hmmm ... ), she can't help but wonder what life would be like if he croaked and she cashed in that death policy. For one, she's always wanted a pool in the backyard. For two, oh la la, Paree, here I come! But then hubby opens the door and Snap! she's back to broke reality. And left feeling guilty -- and disappointed.

Our panel was split on this one. Simon thought the whole thing was harmless and he seemed empathetic (quite quite empathetic!) to a woman longing for escape through her spouse's untimely death. Watch how dreamy his eyes get when he says the word "escape." Tee hee. JK, Si.

Tia thought the whole thing smacked of an undiagnosed marital problem. What woman feels disappointed when her husband comes home -- still breathing? And Julia had some practical advice: Instead of wishing for hubby's demise, how about saving up for an actual trip to Paris -- with hubster? (Though if this mom buys death travel insurance, I'd suggest hubby sit the trip out.)

I tend to side with Tia on this one. While there is nothing wrong with fantasizing, too much of it is an indication of a deeper issue. And fantasizing about your husband's death means there's something off. I think this couple should save up for marriage counseling before hitting the cobblestone streets of Paris, or that husband might end up hitting his head on the cobblestone streets of Paris, if you catch my drift.

Do you think it's okay to fantasize about your husband's death?

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curio... curious1145

That husband seems doomed. This sounds like a future episode of "Snapped" in the making. For those who don't know, "Snapped" is an intriguing show on "Oxygen Network" primarily about women accused of killing their husbands! If she fantasizes about her husband's death,that is a definite problem! She needs to get a divorce. There's no way she loves him. And it sounds like he may be in danger. The spouses who worry sick that their partner with a high risk job will come home to them alive would crucify this woman. She's sick. This is no harmless fantasy. This is definite proof of a major underlying problem.

SuzyB... SuzyBarno

Seriously sick!

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