Kate Middleton & Prince William's Upcoming Move Must Mean a Baby Is on the Way

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Kensington PalaceI know that so far the pregnancy rumors surrounding them are just rumors -- but now it looks as though Prince William and Kate Middleton's move to Kensington Palace may be a pretty good indicator that a baby is in their near future.

An inside source told US Weekly that the royal couple plans on officially moving into their four-story, 20 room pad this summer, and adds that, "A baby is the main reason for the move."

(And if a baby is the reason for the movie, then they must be having a baby, right?)

Apparently they feel their cottage on the island of Anglesey isn't quite fit for their royal offspring because "They want to bring a child up in a secure environment."

(And I guess things don't get much more secure than Kensington Palace.)

In addition to being a wonderful place to raise a child, it sounds like Kate and William's new home will be pretty luxurious as well. It's currently undergoing a $1.5 million renovation, and the Duchess has plenty of decorating plans in the works.

Another insider says, "Kate is keen to put her stamp on the place with things she's bought on her travels. She felt certain pieces would be nice 'when we have a bigger home'."

Ok, so I guess the fact that they're packing up and moving to the palace doesn't necessarily mean a baby is imminent, but considering how comfortable they've been while living a fairly normal life on Anglesey, it does seem interesting that they're so ready and willing to give up their solitude a few months from now.

When my husband and I got married, we moved from an apartment to a nice three bedroom home in the suburbs because we knew that we wanted to be settled in a good neighborhood before the kiddos came along. Trading up to a bigger place is something plenty of couples do to prepare for a baby, so why would William and Kate be any different? (Oh, just forget the royal thing for one second.)

It certainly sounds like they're more than ready to start a family together, doesn't it? I mean, what are they going to do with 20 rooms if they don't start filling them up with kids?

Did you upgrade to a larger home when you had your first baby?


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nonmember avatar Cass

Geez, stop hounding this poor girl. Stress makes it harder to conceive and can cause miscarriages. The last thing Kate needs is to be reduced to an incubator. She seems like a wonderful woman, she's doing some great work, and I look forward to the official palace announcement about a pregnancy, if she is blessed with a baby.

nonmember avatar MaternallyDamnd

Before hubs and I got married, we bought a big house kind of on accident. Turns out that big houses are cheaper than small houses in our neighborhood because retirees created a demand for small ranches. Either way, it worked out now that we're planning to have kids and have plenty of room.


You know maybe they are moving because that's when the renovations will be finished(duh). This move has been in the works for some time now and the work on it has taken over a year. I know your title has mom in it but stop trying to make every gesture this girl makes about being a mother,she'll get there when she gets there.

PonyC... PonyChaser

*eyeroll* because NOBODY ever moves into a bigger place because they want to, and they can.

Another thing... as much as I understand your statement, we cannot "just forget for a minute" that they are Royals. Because they are. Perhaps there is an underlying reason that we don't know about. I can imagine that it would be MUCH easier on the Security Services, having them in Kensington, where security measures are already in place and have been for a very long time. This couple is getting more popular by the minute, and the world is growing less secure right along with them. I'm guessing that there are myriad reasons for the move, not just family planning.

corri... corrinacs

I feel like we should all lay off on the "she's pregnant" every 5 seconds thing.  Really.  If she's pregnant, she will tell us in due time.  But otherwise, its just annoying.

As a person who faced infertility.....what if they are having that problem.  Having all of you write this crap isn't going ot make her feel any better about it.  Not saying that's the case, but be a little more sensitive, will ya?

kjbug... kjbugsmom1517

Seriously who cares. We did things backwards and didnt buy our house till we were done with kids lol hopefully we wont have to move for a very long time :)

needa... needadvice1983

I'm glad I'm not a celeb. It woul drive me insane having every single descion I make or evey little pound I gain instantly turn into my being pregnant. Let it go. When they make an official announcement (not a friend of a cousin of a girl who went to their school a year after them) then talk about it. Until then leave the poor girl alone.

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