Bo Obama Inspecting White House Holiday Decorations Will Kill You With Cuteness (VIDEO)

bo obamaWhether you love Obama, or think he's a minority-bribing socialist, you have to admit, the man has a cute dog. Known to the world (and the Obamas) as Bo, the First Dog has basically captured the collective heart of America with all of his Portuguese Water Dog adorableness. But if there is some soulless person out there who hasn't fallen under Bo's spell, I have news for you: Game over, buddy. Ya'done.

Try -- just try -- to not fall in love a little bit with Bo in this video, where he roams the White House by his lonesome, checking out all of the holiday decorations. (Set to "Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy", obvs.) Even if you're a Romney-obsessed cat person, prepare to have a little voice inside of your heart say: Squee!



There's really no other way to describe it: This is adorable. Plain and simple. (And, please, let's not turn this into a political discussion! It's just a cute doggie looking a Christmas lights!)

It ought to be said, though, that Obama isn't the first president to put out a holiday dog video. Every year, George W. Bush released "BarneyCam," which showed his Scottish Terrier Barney overseeing the White House Christmas decorations. And needless to say, those, too, were super cute. I mean, they're dogs, people!

Check it out. And happy Friday -- whatever your political affiliation!


Image via whitehouse/YouTube

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