Halle Berry May Be Selling Her Mansion to Get Away From Gabriel Aubry

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Halle berry houseWe may never know exactly what went down during the fight between Gabriel Aubry and Olivier Martinez at Halle Berry's house on Thanksgiving day, but it appears as though she doesn't want any painful reminders of the altercation.

Halle reportedly just listed her Hollywood Hills mansion where the fight occurred for $15 million -- and she's supposedly taking extra steps to make sure no one finds out about it. (Guess that plan didn't quite work out.)

Sources told TMZ that the house was put up for sale as a pocket listing, which means it isn't being advertised to the public.

And if this report is true, then it's fairly easy to see what's going on here. Halle is probably trying to unload the place so she can get the hell out of dodge and move as far away from Gabriel Aubry as possible.

It certainly would make sense for her to pack her bags and leave, especially since Gabriel reportedly told police that Olivier Martinez said something about he and Halle moving to France with Nahla. Selling her home definitely adds a bit more validity to his statement, though at this point, she's made no announcement about a move across the pond.

But she must be moving somewhere really nice if she's willing to give up her Hollywood pad -- because it's pretty posh. With five bedrooms in 5,900 square feet AND a 1,400-square-foot guest house, there's more than enough room for her to expand her family with Olivier if she so chooses. And the Tuscan-style home also has a gorgeous pool, spa, and very lush grounds, making it the perfect little oasis in the city for her and Nahla. I doubt she'd trade it in for another place in L.A. -- so she has to be headed somewhere else, right?

Do you think Halle is selling because she's planning a very big move?


Image via Pacific Coast News

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sassy... sassykat122

Hello, she can't get the hell outta dodge because they still have a custody agreement. She can move within the city but i am sure custody agreement is so that there has to be permission or something. Restraining order or not, and remember they hashed out a "peace" agreement, Aubry is still her father and Berry can't move Nahla without permission


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