Mom Puts Up Middle Finger Christmas Lights to Get Back at ‘Nosy’ Neighbors

middle finger christmas displayLove thy neighbor? NAH.

A woman named Sarah Henderson was pissed off at her neighbors and used her Christmas lights to show it. The Louisiana mama of four children deliberately set up her decorations in the shape of a hand giving the middle finger to "communicate" with her neighbors, with whom she's been having an "ongoing dispute."

Not very holiday-spirit-like, right? And now the police are involved. The 5-0 ordered that Henderson take down the offensive lights, and Henderson came back with a whopper sure to make any non-Aryan's head spin ...


Lady Sarah said she made the middle finger display to get back at her neighbs for being nosy and threatened that now that she's being forced to remove it, she might just replace it with a swastika.

This is how I expressed myself. It’s the only means I have to express myself to these people.

Ummmm, what people, exactly? Because replacing the middle finger with a swastika is sorta, kinda, TOTALLY sending the wrong message. And here's the kicker -- Gemma Rachal, Henderson's neighbor, told The Advocate that her 6-year-old son saw the lights and tried to copy the offensive gesture. So go ahead, Sar, replace that hand giving the finger with the Nazi symbol. If you're really lucky, maybe her 6-year-old will try to copy that logo, too.

Aside from the fact that I'm giving Henderson the bird myself right now, let's address the obvious: You're arranging your Christmas lights in the shape of a middle finger to tick your neighbors off. In what universe is that going to make any difference? It makes YOU, Sarah, look like an ignorant ass. Not to mention, the worst Grinch of all time. But the American Civil Liberties Union has come down in favor of Henderson, saying she has every right to put the lights up and that gestures like that are protected speech.

'Scuse me for being old-fashioned, but isn't the holiday season all about being compassionate, kind, and giving to the less fortunate? Don't know 'bout y'all, but I'm all for giving this idiotic woman a swift kick in the rump ... and then some.

Is this crazy or what?


Image via ACLS

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